#MyStory: What Happened When I Went To His Place For Our Date...

#MyStory: What Happened When I Went To His Place For Our Date...
Boredom and too much free time can be a dangerous combination. I realized this a couple of days ago. It was around 9 pm and I was in the “my life's going nowhere and I'm going to die alone” mood, so I decided that creating a Tinder account is the best way to solve my life’s problem.

One hour and six right swipes later, I matched with this guy who, like me, was bored and alone. His exact words were "literally alone” because he had just shifted to a new place a couple of hours back and was totally lost as to where he should start unpacking.

After about 15 minutes of conversation, I asked him where he was originally from and he started a monologue about how he's partly from Varanasi and partly from Delhi. "I can explain it better over the phone," he wrote, "That is, if you want." That was a rather smooth way to get a girl’s number, I thought.

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I don't know if it was my mood or his cute boyish smile with the crooked nose, but I sent him my number. Of course, I did a quick background check through his Instagram and Facebook accounts (like that's the best way to figure out if the guy is a serial killer or an organ seller).

The phone rang and I was wondering what I had done; but then I threw caution to the wind and picked up. The first thing we did was burst out laughing. He nervously tried to convince me that he isn't usually this forward with girls. By the way, his part Varanasi and part Delhi story was the lamest one I've ever heard. Yet, I kind of enjoyed our conversation.

Suddenly, the phone got disconnected and he called back saying that in postpaid connections, calls usually get disconnected after 2 hours. I was shocked. I didn't even realize we had been talking for that long. The saying that you lose track of time when you are having fun does have some truth in it. Our phone call lasted till 4 am and the only reason we ended our conversation was because my mum came to my door to check if I was still awake.

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After talking to him I was feeling more cheerful than the day before. Around 7 am my phone rang again and I heard his smooth calm voice asking me why I was still awake. There was something about his voice that made my heart flutter. As easily as before, we slipped into a conversation and again I lost track of time and forgot that I had a lecture to attend at 8. I am the studious kind who never misses college, I have attended classes even when I had fever.  But, that day when he said, “Please don't go to college today. Let’s hang out, it is my day off,” I agreed. I think there was a shift in the order of the universe somewhere that day.

After an hour’s cab ride, I found myself at the doorstep of a stranger. Again, every logical fibre in my body was telling me to get back into that cab and just go home. But there was something about this guy...

The door opened and I was greeted by this 6 foot something guy with that same grin and crooked nose… I was nervous. There were the awkward pleasantries and I got a tour of the empty apartment. The only piece of furniture in his room was a mattress, which was surrounded by  bags and boxes. Ok, so this was the moment when I should have just turned around and left that place. It was pretty evident what was to follow. But for some reason, the part of my brain that functions on logic was not working properly that day.

We ordered food because it was pouring outside; it turned out to be a very different kind of a date. We ate out of the food cartons sitting opposite each other on the floor. I don't think I'd ever imagined a better date. There was something about him that just felt so familiar and right.

We decided to watch a movie after lunch, so I shyly sat next to him as the movie started. He put his arm around my shoulder and tried to kiss me, but I moved away and he apologized. We went back to watching the movie.  

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Then, I got a call from friend about some issue with my project and that the other team members were doing nothing about it. I started pacing around his room in panic and all he did was stare at me for a while. Then, he pulled me towards himself and kissed me. It was a long, passionate kiss.

When we stopped kissing, it took me a while to process what had happened. Things just took off - he started kissing me again and I just pushed him aside and started panicking. I kept saying, “I have to go home.” Now it was his turn to freak out. He got nervous and tried to calm me down. But I felt my legs go weak and I just sat on the floor trying to compose myself. He came to my side and hugged me. The warmth of his hug did calm me down.

So I started ranting about my life that was going nowhere and my project which was turning out to be a disaster (like it’s the most interesting thing in the world) while he sat there hugging me and listening. Finally, when I had calmed down, he dropped me home.

As I watched him drive off, I realized that not all matches on Tinder are just hook-ups, and that this just may not be the last time I would be seeing that boyish smile and crooked nose.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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