#MyStory: My Big Shift From South Delhi To Noida After Marriage

#MyStory: My Big Shift From South Delhi To Noida After Marriage
Let me be very honest: born and brought up in South Delhi, I turned out to be the typical South Delhi girl. If you don’t understand what I mean, let me elaborate upon this. Delhi, for me, extended only from New Friends Colony to Vasant Kunj. Not just that - I used to almost be offended when people from Noida and Gurgaon called themselves Delhiites. And I could NEVER even imagine myself living anywhere except South Delhi.

Moving on, I was quite an introvert and never really ended up dating. Once I turned 24, my parents started to search for a boy who I could get married to. I was completely fine with that, and my only condition was that he should be a resident of South Delhi.

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My parents found a guy, who they thought was a good match for me. So, the obvious next step was for my parents to set up a time and place for the two of us to meet. We decided that it should be a meeting over coffee. Nervously, I entered the café where we were to meet. He was there, waiting for me. As he watched me enter, he stood up to pull out the chair for me, and once I was comfortably seated, he took his seat (in my head, I gave him brownie points for chivalry). As we started talking, he sensed how shy I was, and it’s hard to point out exactly how, but in a matter of an hour, he left me feeling incredibly comfortable. That’s when I started to talk much more than I normally would to a person I had just met. He seemed to be listening intently and seemed quite amused by some of my stories.

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Two hours had passed and our coffees were still untouched. He asked me if I wanted to extend this date and have dinner with him, to which I agreed. Thereafter, he called our parents to inform them about the change of plans. During dinner, he casually mentioned how he lived in Noida, and that his house was very close to his office. Upon hearing this, I thought to myself that he was well-spoken, fun-loving, classy, good looking - all that I was looking for in a man - but the fact that he lived in Noida, was a deal breaker. I could have maybe made my peace with living in some other part of Delhi, but Noida was an absolute no. After the splendid time I’d had with him, I had already started to picture my life with him, but in Noida? Probably not. But again, he was amazing, in every way I could think of...

That night, I shared my apprehensions with my parents, who told me to give the guy a fair chance. And I did. After going out on a couple of dates with him, meeting his parents and getting to know him better, I became even more certain in my head that he was the man I wanted to marry. My apprehensions about living away from South Delhi, however, did not end overnight. It was after a lot of self-convincing that I got myself to slowly accept the fact that I need to be okay about living in Noida after getting married. And two months later, Sameer and I tied the knot.

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I’ve been married to Sameer and have been living in Noida for three years now. Every single day since then has been wonderful. Moving from Delhi to Noida, has been nothing short of a fairytale for me! I ended up with the man I fell in love with. His family treats me so lovingly that I almost never miss home. And as for Noida, well, some of the roads and infrastructure here is better than Delhi even. And whenever I miss Delhi, I just drive down. :P

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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