#MyStory: I Met A Really Cute Guy At My Brother’s Wedding...

#MyStory: I Met A Really Cute Guy At My Brother’s Wedding...
Weddings are a great occasion to catch up with people you haven’t met in ages, and to meet new people too. And my brother’s wedding was no exception to this. There was the family – close and extended, my parents’ friends, my friends and his group. I knew most of my brother’s friends – they had been coming over to our place since I was a child, and so I’d spent a lot of time with them. However, there was one guy in his gang of friends whom I did not know. Upon finding out, I understood that he had been living overseas, and wasn’t really in touch with my brother. But when he heard that bhaiyya was getting married, he flew down to attend his big day. I hadn’t even known that he existed.

He made it to the festivities when the tilak ceremony was going on, and almost all the ladies present at the occasion were admiring how he looked – he was tall, fair and very handsome! He was also 8 years older to me.

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Once the ceremony was over, all the youngsters were hanging out together. It was then that Shiv bhaiyya introduced everyone to Sameer, who had returned to India after a long time. “And finally, this is Kriti. You remember her, don't you?" Bhaiyya pointed towards me and asked Sameer. “Damn! That's her?! I didn't expect her to be so grown up,” Sameer replied as he looked at me and smiled. I went weak at the knees when he said, “Kriti, you definitely turned out gorgeous,” and gave me a hug. “Thanks, Sameer Bha….,” before I could complete what I had to say, he interrupted saying, “Oh, come on! Don’t call me bhaiyya. We are friends.”

During all the wedding ceremonies, Sameer and I got to know each other better. We somehow clicked and were very comfortable with each other all too soon. One night, we both decided to go for a walk together. During this alone time, he randomly asked me, "So, how's your boyfriend?" “I don't have one,” I replied. It was my turn then – I asked him if he had a girlfriend. To this, he replied with a no. It was then that I told him that many girls at the wedding fancied him. He asked me if I was one of those girls too. “You’re my brother’s friend!” I replied, after which he suggested we both return to our respective rooms and call it a night. I guess at some level he felt odd about what he asked me.

internal met a guy at a wedding

Sameer ignored me for the next 2-3 days. Watching him behave like this, I too kept my distance from him and carried on taking part in all the wedding celebrations. Then, all of a sudden, one evening, as I was walking up to my dada’s room to give him his meds, Sameer came in my way and held my hand tight. He had watched me chat with other guys at the wedding and that had been bothering him, he said. We had an argument on this topic, and as things heated up, I grabbed his collar and dragged him into an empty room closeby. I then held his head and brought him closer to me and kissed him. “You know this is wrong, Kriti. You are my friend's sis…” he responded. I stopped him mid-sentence and kissed him again. This time around, he kissed me back, and we began to have a wild make-out session. One by one, we took each other's clothes off, and then we made love. After an hour or so, I got out of bed and got dressed. We wanted to step out before someone came looking for us. Just before I left the room, he grabbed me by my waist, and said, “I love you. Marry me, girl.” “I love you too,” I replied, and went back to where all the guests were. Thankfully, no one had noticed that we both were gone all this while. Once the wedding was over, both Sameer and I headed back to our respective lives.

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Sameer tried to develop our relationship, he did wanted us to get married, but I felt I was too young. I had to complete my graduation first and then get a job. Sameer was already in his late 20s by then. The last time I called him, I told him to move on and get married. Today, he is married and has a child as well. I, on the other hand, am about to get married to my man.

We both really did move on and we didn't regret that night. We’ll definitely cherish the time we spent with each other.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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