#MyStory: From A Long Distance Romance To Marriage!

#MyStory: From A Long Distance Romance To Marriage!
I always say that Raj and I were destined to be together. People meet in the strangest ways and stay together, and so did we.

We worked for the same IT firm in Delhi, but I met him just one week before he was due to leave for another job in Bangalore. Before he left, however, Raj asked for my number, saying that he would remind me to eat on time as I used to skip meals regularly and was getting thinner by day. Coming from a small town, Delhi was a very different and strange city for me, one where I felt a little lost. The fact that Raj cared enough for me to notice these small details made me really happy. He moved to Bangalore and I continued to work in Delhi, but we kept In touch. After a couple of months, I got the lucky opportunity to go to Bangalore for the same company that he was in. The day I landed, he came to pick me up from the airport with chocolates and flowers in hand, and welcomed me with a huge bear hug!

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What followed was the best couple of months of my life. Raj was a great cook and I loved to eat. We would go to restaurants, explore new places with good food and talk for hours. It was like living in a dream, and before we knew it, we fell crazily in love.

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But just as we had started planning for our future together, he got this amazing opportunity to move to Brazil to work at a great position. Even after he moved away, we kept the flame alive. Thanks to Skype and WhatsApp, we were always talking at odd hours. Everything was great in the first 8 months, but gradually the reality of our situation started sinking in. I was always busy with work and my friends, and he had a very different life out there. We both had our own lives and hectic schedules, and it wasn’t always possible to talk to each other. Little by little, we started losing common topics of discussion. Then, as the days passed, my friends and colleagues started telling me about their experiences with long distance relationships and about the pretty girls in Brazil. There was also the added pressure of managing things between my Brahmin and his Bengali parents. I started feeling that he has lost interest in me  The breaking point came when I agreed to meet the guy my father selected for me and move away from Raj.

The strangest part of my story was the divine intervention that came in the form of my younger sister - Hina. Hina, who had never actually liked Raj as he was the first person I ever gave preference over her. She called him up and told him about my change of heart, and the reasons behind it. And Raj? Raj has a strange way of showing love I guess, because he took the next available flight and came to meet my parents without telling me!

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He asked them for my hand in marriage. He convinced my parents that this would be the best thing for us. His persistence and love to make it work won my heart all over again, and it felt like he had never really left. We had the swiftest engagement and two months to prepare for the wedding, and we decided to have a simple one. It was exactly what I’d always wanted, and now I’m happily married and living my fairytale with Raj.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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