#MyStory: I Did A Loyalty Test Of My Boyfriend...

#MyStory: I Did A Loyalty Test Of My Boyfriend...
A couple of years back, my cousin Smriti and I were out shopping when we bumped into her friends. Among them was Vibhor, a well-dressed, good looking guy who was pleasant to talk to as well. I kind of liked him.

I told Smriti that I found her friend cute when we reached home and she gave me his number saying that I should talk to him. Being the shy girl that I am, I didn’t have the guts to even message him.

The next morning, I woke up to find two new messages in my inbox; they were from Vibhor. Turns out, Smriti had told him about my crush on him. His message read - “Do you really think that I am cute?” I felt a little bit awkward about writing back but then thought I shouldn’t let go of this chance.

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We started chatting for hours and would meet up often. We would bunk our classes every Friday to watch the latest Bollywood releases. One day, Vibhor told me that he was going out for a week-long trip with his friends. I was okay with it when he said that but then he went completely out of touch during that one week. No messages, no calls… nothing. I didn’t like this, but rather than disturbing him during his trip, I waited for him to come back.

After coming back he acted as if everything was normal. A whole week without talking to me seemed fine to him. I started getting worried; the thoughts of him being with another girl started coming to my mind. At that time I watched this TV series where the girl tries a loyalty test on her boyfriend and I got inspired.

internal loyalty test

I discussed the idea with my friend Naina, who agreed to help me. I gave her Vibhor's number and they started chatting. To my surprise, he didn't tell her that he had a girlfriend and continued to chat with her. Soon, they begin to exchange pics and Vibhor even offered to travel to her hometown to meet her. It is some three hours away from our city.

I hadn’t expected that Vibhor would do that to me... And that too with a complete stranger. All this time while he was flirting with Naina, he talked to me like he always had. Whenever I would ask him about his phone being busy at odd hours, he would make up silly excuses.

I knew he was double timing me and it was killing me. I asked Naina to stop chatting with him and she said that she would. I also broke up with Vibhor.

It’s been six months, and while I was shattered emotionally, slowly I began to get over him.

Recently, Naina came to my city for some exams and we went out for lunch. During lunch her phone rang and it was a call from Vibhor. She took the call and told him that she would be free in another hour and would meet him then.

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I was shocked but I didn’t want to create a scene there so stayed calm. What Naina said next left me devastated. She said, “Since you are not with him anymore, I figured it won’t be a problem if I date him.” She said that they were in a relationship.

I wonder if Vibhor and I would still be together if I had not told Naina to talk to him...

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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