#MyStory: I Got A Call From My Husband’s Girlfriend And...

#MyStory: I Got A Call From My Husband’s Girlfriend And...
Hitesh and I have been married for six years now, and we dated for five years before that. Blessed with an adorable daughter, I felt like I was living my fairytale - a comfortable life with my loving family.

It took a phone call to give me my reality check. One evening, I got a call from a woman; she said she wanted to meet me as she had something very important to tell me. At first I didn’t know what to make of what she was saying. I was a bit hesitant about meeting her, but then decided to go as I got very curious.

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We met at the coffee shop in my neighbourhood and she revealed the biggest truth of my life. She was my husband’s girlfriend. She showed me pictures of them together. My whole world came crashing down… I couldn’t believe my eyes. Is this the same guy who claimed to love me so much? The guy with whom I had spent 11 years and was planning to spend the rest of my life. I had given up my flourishing career to be with him.

It felt like my life has lost its meaning. I didn’t know what to do - whether I should confront him or leave him. A millions thoughts and even more questions haunted my mind. I even questioned myself: Where did I go wrong? What did I do to deserve this? Why was this happening to me? What about my daughter? What will happen to her if I leave him?

Internal face problems in life

How I wish I could turn back times and erase him and his memories from my life. The strangest thing was that somehow I still loved him. No matter how difficult it was for me to live with him, I knew I could not just let him go...

All this led to depression and I started blaming myself for all that had happened in my life. It took me a while to come to terms with this reality...

Then one day, I met a friend of mine who is a travel enthusiast. However, he hasn’t been able to travel much these days due to his wife’s poor health. He got married to his college sweetheart who’s going through a bad phase due to her health issues. I asked him if it was frustrating that he had to stop doing what he loved the most and not be able to take his wife to all those place they both had promised to see together. His answer changed my perspective about life.

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He replied, “When life gives me hard time, I don't ask ‘Why me?’, I look at it in the face and say, ‘Try Me."

He showed me a new way to look at the hardships that life throws at you. It is not easy to forgive and forget, but I have learnt to move on in life. And this I did for my own peace of mind, this was the only way I could will myself out of my misery.

I am no longer a depressed person full of self pity. I no longer complain or whine when a problem arises; I face it with full determination. I take the situation in my stride and just say, “Try me!”

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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