#MyStory: I Met Him On 23 July. 12 Days Later, We Were Engaged!

#MyStory: I Met Him On 23 July. 12 Days Later, We Were Engaged!
“Come here. I have to tell you something,” my brother yelled from the other room.

He was leaving the country the next day, and was in the middle of packing suitcases when he called out to me.

“Kya hai?” I asked as I walked into his room.

“So listen, dad and I met this guy…” And that’s when I first heard about Shiv. My brother knew that all I really cared about was what any guy and his family thought about my career, and so he jumped straight to the point and told me that Shiv’s family thought that if I was a talented writer, I should think bigger and start something of my own. Now that was treat to my ears. After all, not many Baniya families are ready to finance their bahu’s startup.

I started listening attentively to all the other details my brother had to give me about Shiv, from what he had studied to what business he handled, to where he lived and how he looked. The next minute I looked him up on FB, but was a bit disappointed to find that he wasn’t very active on the social networking site.

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Well, that was that. The next day, my brother left the country for his internship, and I had all but forgotten about my conversation with him…until my dad told me that Shiv would like to meet me over the weekend, and that I should keep myself free for that.

I didn’t mind, really, ‘coz I didn’t have anything better to do, so I just went along with the plan. That Saturday morning, we met at a restaurant, and I remember walking in and smiling at him. He had a warm face, and a personality that put me at ease instantly. His siblings had come along too, and we just sat there for a long time, talking about things in general. His sister was actually sweet enough to tell me that I could ask her anything about their family, and clarify any doubts or questions that I had. We talked about politics, family life, priorities and our lifestyles.

It was a good meeting, but Shiv didn’t really say anything, apart from continuously checking whether I had enough food on my plate. And then they had to leave.

I came home to an eager audience of my family, asking me how did the “meeting” go. I didn’t give them too many details and just said that it was okay, except that “the guy” hardly said anything. That night, though, I got a text from Shiv saying, “Oh, so I didn’t talk much? Would you like me to talk to you now?”

And for 10 whole days after that, he didn’t really stop talking.

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I liked talking to him. He was completely opposite to me in the way that he was sorted, content, calm and happy with his life, while I am restless, impatient and almost always cribbing about everything. During these ten days, though, my parents met Shiv’s parents twice, and literally fell in love with them. I am not even kidding, they just couldn’t stop talking about how amazing those people were. My parents tried not to pressurize me into saying yes, but I could see how badly they wanted me to become a part of his family, because, once again, “those people were just so nice.”

So, on the 12th day of talking to Shiv, he told me his family wanted to meet me. And when they did, I said yes to the rishta too.

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You see, you won’t find many people who will support your dreams and push you further to do more than what you’re doing, and become more than what you already are. So, when I did, I just took a leap of faith, and said yes. I am hoping all the other things will fall into place on their own, and my decision to marry Shiv and his family would prove right. *Fingers crossed*

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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