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25 Mistakes To NOT Be Making When You Turn 25!

25 Mistakes To NOT Be Making When You Turn 25!
You are still in your early 20s and the sh*t is yet to hit the fan. But are you jeopardising your chances at a more pleasant adulthood? Here are 25 ways you might be accidentally sabotaging yourself even before you hit the two-five.

1. Thinking you are too old.

Not respecting your youth is a disservice to youth and to yourself. Revel in being young.

2. Staying in a bad relationship.

No man who makes you feel not-so-great about yourself is worth your time and effort.

3. Saying no to risks.

It's a shame if you get too comfortable in your comfort zone before you hit your mid-20s. Step out of it, and you will be surprised by not just the world, but also by yourself. 3 mistakes we all make

4. Not visiting new places.

Travel is the best form of education and you know how everyone talks about the importance of education in youth development.

5. Not getting to know different people.

Broaden your mind by making friends with everyone you meet. Also read: 13 Movies EVERY Girl Should Watch Before She Turns 25!

6. Judging classmates based on external factors.

Peer pressure is a formidable force to reckon with. But do not let it stop you from approaching the ones who are the butt of jokes. It is a fact that geeks inherit the world. 6 mistakes we all make

7. Looking for the “One”.

Spoiler alert: The one you need to look for, is yourself! There, we saved you your time and a lifetime worth of pointless agony.

8. Comparing yourself with others.

Your circumstances, journey and destination are yours alone. It does not help to compare yourself with friends who might appear to have better personal or professional lives.

9. Drifting apart from family.

When you grow up and get older, your parents also grow older, and it is a sobering realisation. 9 mistakes we all make

10. Not focusing on health.

Treat your body with respect and it will do you a favour by not letting you have to shell out huge medical bills.

11. Being lazy to learn new skills.

Whether it is coding or baking, always say yes to a chance to learn something new.

12. Being harsh on yourself.

Be kind to yourself. Life is unexpected and those pep talks to yourself will come in handy. 12 mistakes we all make

13. Being careless with money.

Debt has a way of creeping up on you and then never letting go. Steer clear.

14. Not reading.

Literature has a way of making you either see the world in a new light or make you feel a camaraderie with people who see it the same way. And some extra knowledge never hurt anyone, after all.

15. Thinking you will never evolve or change.

Like Justin Bieber says, "Never say never." 15 mistakes we all make

16. Being afraid of embarrassment.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

17. Losing touch with friends.

There will be lots of people who would have shaped the way you have become. It is natural to drift away, but try your best to stay in touch. Also read: 9 Reasons You Don’t *Have* To Get Married By 25!

18. Believing it when someone says you can't do something.

Prove. Them. Wrong. 18 mistakes we all make

19. Looking too much at the bigger picture.

Relax and look out the window, and enjoy the lack of pressure.

20. Not living alone.

Actively looking for independence is great for character-building that can last a lifetime.

21. Not asking for help.

Don't assume people do not want to help. If you do not know what you are doing, admit it and reach out to someone who might have a clue. 21 mistakes we all make

22. Not respecting time.

Time develops supersonic speed once you reach 25. So, when it feels like time will never pass, savour it. And use it well.

23. Being intimidated by wealth and false bravado.

You will meet people who seem to come out of a Vogue catalogue or who look like they know everything. Don't feel intimidated by them.

24. Thinking exams mean everything.

Your results' importance varies, depending on your life goals. But more often than not, examinations are not the be-all and end-all they appear to be. Don't let it stop you from learning life's actual lessons.
24 mistakes we all make

25. Not speaking up.

There will be moments that define the path of your adult life. And when it comes to injustice and unfairness, we hope you speak up in your own way. GIFs: Giphy,Tumblr