9 Mistakes To NOT Make When Getting Your Shaadi Blouse Stitched

9 Mistakes To NOT Make When Getting Your Shaadi Blouse Stitched
Your wedding lehenga or saree is the most important outfit, and it can be nothing short of PERFECT. You plan your look for months, and go from store to store searching for The One! And, girls, what you must remember is that the awesome lehenga or saree is incomplete if your blouse is not on point. Having the perfect lehenga or saree with a not-so-great blouse can be quite a buzzkill. So, we give you a list of mistakes you must avoid making when getting your blouse stitched.

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1. The length of the sleeves

1 wedding blouse

The length of your sleeves can make all the difference to your look for the wedding. While 3/4th length or elbow-length sleeves look formal, wearing that sort of a blouse with lots of bangles is a no-no. The blouse, bangles, plus the mehendi is just going to make your arms look very cluttered.

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2. No embroidery under your arms please

This is a very common mistake made by most of us! When you’re getting your blouse stitched, brief the tailor that there should be no embroidery under your arms. It’s going to get really messy once your start to sweat. Trust us, you don’t want that itch when you’re walking down the aisle.

3. Too many tassels is a no-no!

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If you’re wearing a heavy duty necklace that has tassels and you also have a dori at the back of your blouse, just snip the extra tassel hanging from your blouse. Imagine three-four doris hanging at the back, all in different shapes and sizes. Umm, not a pretty sight, we say!

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4. Avoid sequins with lighter fabrics

If you’re wearing a chiffon or a crepe saree or dupatta, make sure you’re not wearing a blouse filled with sequins or embroidery. The heavy work on the blouse will pull the threads from your saree and spoil it. Opt for a chanderi, brocade or even a kanjeevaram blouse instead. It’ll give you that glamour, without being poky or causing any damage.

5. No front-open blouses, please!

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A front-open blouse is a bad decision, ladies. No matter what you wear, a lehenga or a saree, the fastenings in front are bound to show. And you don’t want that, do you? Go for the front-open option only if you’re wearing a jacket style/ blazer style blouse.

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6. Chuck the buttons

Opt for a zipper instead of buttons on your blouse, and have it stitched on one the side. It looks neat, doesn’t pop open even if you’ve eaten too much, and doesn’t get stuck anywhere. Easy, peasy, isn’t it?

7. Don’t try too hard and match everything

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While you may want to match your blouse with one element from your ensemble, matching it with everything isn’t a good idea. Have an element of contrast in your blouse. It could be in the form of embroidery, just the border of your blouse or even the tassels. Make the blouse break the colour and look of the outfit, girls.

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8. High neck and jewellery? Nah!

If you want to be the edgy bride and wear a high-neck/ high-collar blouse on your wedding day, please give the necklace a miss. Too much of anything looks bad, and if you’re going to wear jewellery on an embroidered high-neck blouse, it’s not going to work. Let some skin show, it gives a break from the bling!

9. Padded blouse fittings

9 wedding blouse

A padded blouse mostly gives great shape to your breasts, but only when the pads are well placed. Make sure the positioning of the pads is right, and they are the right thickness. It shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Ensure this before you get it stitched!

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