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7 Tricks From Makeup Artists To Make Every Girl’s Life Easier!

7 Tricks From Makeup Artists To Make Every Girl’s Life Easier!
Not all of us girls are pros at makeup. What with scores of makeup products available at stores and multiple ways to highlight, contour, strobe, plump up your lips, wing that eyeliner – the techniques are challenging, and we get it wrong almost every time. Luckily, the tricks to correct these are easier than you thought. Read on…

1. When the last thing you apply is mascara and it smudges onto your eyelid

Do not start rubbing it off right away. Let it dry out, and then use a Q-tip with some moisturizer on it to wipe it clean. It works like magic, ladies. And none of your other makeup gets ruined. Dab on some of that eyeshadow later to match the colour on the rest of your eyelid. Also, place a spoon under your eye when applying mascara to your lower lashes, lest you get mascara on your under eyes.

2. Oops! That’s too much foundation!

2 makeup artist tricks No, you don’t have to wash your entire face and begin your makeup again. Here’s where wet wipes come in handy. Lightly stroke the areas you feel are overdone and you’re good to go.

3. The winged liner is never the same on both eyes

Scotch tape is what you need. Before you apply the liner, put a piece of that tape from the outer corner of your eyes to the end of your eyebrows. Put the liner along the tape. Once it dries out, remove the tape and you’ll feel like a pro! Also read: 7 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making!

4. Excess blush! I look crazy!

4 makeup artist tricks Fret not. Here’s your fix, ladies. Take a bit of your loose powder and dab it on the cheek that has too much colour until it looks normal. Problem solved!

5. Runny makeup

That’s a big no-no. You forget with all the dancing and revelry that you had all that makeup on and now it has begun to look sweaty. Always carry compact powder in your party purse. Make a quick dash to the ladies room and pat the makeup back with a few dabs of your product. Also read: Easy Makeup Tricks For 7 Common Beauty “Problems”!

6. Want that smooth skin look?

6 makeup artist tricks Apart from the fact that you need to eat healthy and exercise for good hair and skin, there is one quick hack for days you want to look fabulous. Ice your face, ladies. Once you cleanse your face well, rub some ice all over your face. This closes open pores, reduces puffiness under your eyes and gives your skin quite an even tone. Apply moisturizer afterwards and then begin your makeup.

7. Striking eyes

To make your eyeshadow pop, first apply a white base on your entire eyelid. This will make the colour show better and it will stay longer too. Secondly, apply a pink matte liner along your brow bone to make it appear as a higher arch. Who doesn’t want that, girls?! Images: Shutterstock