13 Little Things Guys Do That Totally Get Us In The Mood!

13 Little Things Guys Do That Totally Get Us In The Mood!
A woman may not have to make painstaking efforts to turn a guy on because let’s face it, it rarely requires too much hard work. However, for a guy it may be a little bit of a task. Some of us like it more if a guy puts in a little extra effort and by “a little” we mean just that - a little. Gentlemen, we hope you’re reading this because these simple things you do really get us in mood!

1. Staring into our eyes

Look into our eyes as though it were the deep, blue ocean itself. Much can be communicated through the eyes, without having to utter a single word. An intense eye-lock works wonders for us and for that matter for you as well.

1 things that turn women on

2.  Nuzzling into our neck

It’s the cutest thing ever. Also, very sensuous. When the tip of a guy’s nose brushes lightly against our necks, it’s a tingly, tickly feeling and is extremely erotic.

3. Surprise hugs from behind

It’s warm, comforting and it’s extra special because it’s a hug that comes out of nowhere when we least expect it to. The fact that we feel so safe in your arms is us what totally gets in the mood for love.

3 things that turn women on

4. Working out in front of us

All the tensing of muscles, sweat slowly trickling down your back. Too much to handle!

5. Being the bigger spoon

Without having to ask for it also. When a man initiates cuddling time with a woman, there's a very high possibility that it'll totally get her in the mood.

5 things that turn women on

6. A good foot massage

Remember that giving a foot massage is a form of art and not everyone can master it. It takes time and practice to get it right. So, if a man does his homework well, it will really turn a woman on.

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7. Reciting poetry

In a way that only great orators can do. Poetry is perhaps the truest manifestation of love and when a guy recites it out for a woman, what more can she ask for?

7 things that turn women on

8. Fighting for us

And it really doesn’t need to be the physical kind of fighting. Having a woman’s back through thick and thin, in any way possible is how you can win a woman’s heart and score yourself some brownie points.

9. Kissing our lips ever so gently

And slowly pulling away mid-way while letting the kiss linger in the air. It keeps the us intrigued and make us want to come back for more. And more! And more!

9 things that turn women on

10. Paying attention

To everything that we ever have to say, no matter how stupid or silly it might be. The fact that someone is interested in all we have to say, really, really turns us on.

11. Preparing a meal for us

Even if it doesn’t taste the greatest, it really turns us on because well, A for effort, right?

11 things that turn women on

12. Smelling good

As surprising as this may sound, it is true. How a person smells can totally affect how we feel about them and if you smell good, then you know you’ve got us in the mood.

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13. Just being a genuinely nice human being

Yes, just that. Playing with dogs, helping someone who isn’t as fortunate as he is, volunteering to babysit his sister’s little daughter. It’s the little things that make a person who he is and kindness really turns us on.

13 things that turn women on

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