9 Kinds Of Smiles Boyfriends Have (What About *Your* Guy?!)

9 Kinds Of Smiles Boyfriends Have (What About *Your* Guy?!)
By the time you and your boyfriend are in your we-are-hanging-out-in-our-PJs phase, you don’t need a lot of words to know exactly what the other person is thinking. You guys have it all figured out. You have managed to decode each other’s actions, reactions and even smiles. Does your boyfriend have these kinds of smiles?

1. The “Let’s Fifty Shades Of Grey” Smile!

Oh that irresistable sexy smile he wears when he wants to get naughty! *Sigh*

1 smiles all boyfriends have

2. The “I want to watch the sports channel, pretty please?” smile

And that’s exactly how you end up watching ESPN for 2 hours straight!

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3. The “WHOOPS! I forgot!” smile

Every. Single. Time.

3 smiles all boyfriends have

4. The “Confused half nod and smile” smile

Because he does not remember the first half of the conversation which happened yesterday.

5. The “Super cute and to die for” smile

The moment you forget that Fawad Khan exists!

5 smiles all boyfriends have

6. The “Cheeky childish” smile

When he gets excited for no particular reason and you wonder, “How old is he again?”

7. The “Just woke up sleepy and groggy” smile

Sloppy, but cute <3

7 smiles all boyfriends have

8. The “This is the vodka talking” smile

Yes, sweetheart, yes. We know you are not drunk.

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9. The “Chandler” smile

Need we say more? *Awkward grin*

9 smiles all boyfriends have

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