Indian women at Rio Olympics

Indian Girls Are Killing It At The Olympics & We Are SO Proud!

Shivani Shrivastava

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We are SO proud of all the Indians who are participating in the Olympics this year at Rio. Not just men, but Indian women are making the whole country happy after performing beautifully at this year's Olympics. Dipa Karmakar bagged fourth position in Women’s Vault, Sakshi Malik won the bronze medal in the 58 kg category and now, P.V. Sindhu is in the finals of women’s single badminton. Could it get any better? We can’t thank our athletes enough for taking India to international borders and proving that there is nothing that Indians can’t do. To congratulate our super talented athletes, artists from all over the world are sending their love in the form of different illustrations and memes. So here we bring to you a compilation of the all the super cute artwork we could find across different social media forums.   

1. Dipa Karmakar finishing it beautifully with a split…

Alicia Souza’s adorable illustration says it all - she may not have won gold, but she sure did win our hearts!

1 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Alicia Souza on Instagram

2. Because Dipa left behind all the stereotypes and flew so high!

Satish Acharya’s illustration for SportsKeeda says it ALL.

2 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Satish Acharya on Twitter

3. Who said women can’t wrestle? Look at our Indian gem, Sakshi Malik.

Just look at the triumph on her face - we LOVE this AIB meme!

3 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: All India Bakchod on Twitter

4. When the world cheered for Dipa...

That smile Neha Rawat has drawn on Dipa's face - that's the smile all of US smiled at her success!!

4 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Neha Rawat on Instagram

5. That moment when the whole nation united to congratulate Sakshi Malik…

Nothing could have expressed our happiness better than this illustration by Garbage Bin!

5 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Garbage Bin on Facebook

6. And Sakshi protected the country’s honour, and we couldn’t be happier…

Satish Acharya’s version of Sakshi’s “Rakshabandhan” is totally on point!

6 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Satish Acharya on Facebook

7. Because Ms Malik is our country’s strength!

As Pushpa Sharma shows, victory is hers...and ours because of her! You go, girl!

7 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Pushpa Sharma on Instagram

8. Last but not the least, we can’t wait to watch P.V. Sindhu’s match tonight!!

She’s anyway getting a silver, and we are just SO proud. This illustration by Nori Art captures the hope of all Indians today!

8 Indian women at Rio Olympics

Source: Nori on Instagram
Published on Aug 19, 2016
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