8 Awesome & Affordable Ideas To Revamp Your College Wardrobe!

8 Awesome & Affordable Ideas To Revamp Your College Wardrobe!
College years are probably the best years of one’s life. They’re all about new friends, new experiences and dressing up since you are not bound by a uniform any longer! But even then, dressing up for college every day can be a little tedious sometimes. We’ve all been there! So here are 8 ways you can get a whole new college wardrobe without spending a bomb!

1. Organize, organize, organize!

The most important thing when it comes to dressing up and dressing up well is a clean and organized cupboard. A tidy cupboard will keep your clothes fresh and new and also helps you make creative decisions when you’re mixing and matching your clothes.

2. Make more room

Dispose of old clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year because chances are you’ll never wear them again. A spacious cupboard will help you dress better as compared to a closet full of clothes you’ll never wear.

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3. Modify old clothes

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When it comes to clothes and styling, a little creativity goes a long way. Put your creative hat on and think of ways you can modify your old clothes if you are not willing to sell or dispose them. For instance, you can easily make a cropped top out of an old t-shirt, hot pants out of old jeans, etc.

4. Go thrifting

We know we have a limited budget when we’re in college and a trip to the mall might not always be feasible. Here’s the good thing about that... you can go thrift and street shopping since that’s always the best kind of shopping anyway! Find out the right places to shop in your city and you’ll find more variety than malls can ever provide.

5. Smart shop

While in college, don’t invest in pieces that are too expensive too often. Since you will have to step out for classes every day, you might as well use that money to buy a variety of clothes that are quirky and fun - but over a period of time and not in one go. This will help you build a wardrobe of things that you actually need and have good use for.

6. Mix and match

Know what colours complement each other and know what works best for you. Instead of going for the same combination that you always go for, you never know what awesome outfit might come out of mixing and matching differently. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, give it a try!

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7. Experiment with your look

College is the time to experiment. You experiment and try to find your look as you do with other things. Try new trends and play dress up. Have fun and take advantage of these years. Life is too short to wear boring clothes so you might as well make the most of it during your college days. And sometimes, that's how trends are made too!

8. Browse for inspiration

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We spend half of our lives on social media these days. Use your time on the internet to browse through outfit inspiration channels. Follow your favourite celebs and bloggers on Instagram and Pinterest. You don’t have to copy their outfit, but you sure can take inspiration for the days you’re stuck in a sartorial dilemma or even to plan a week's worth of outfits at once! Help is only a click away, ladies!

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