10 Ideas To Make Your Anniversary As Special As The Wedding!

10 Ideas To Make Your Anniversary As Special As The Wedding!
Simply put, this is a way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and your marriage. Everyone does the clichéd dinners and holidays for their anniversary, but we have some special anniversary idea for you to celebrate these occasion. It could be your first, third or fifth anniversary - and we have ways for you to celebrate your union day all over again!

Anniversary Idea 1: Write Your Vows

Writing your own vows to each other is in fashion now, but that probably wasn’t the “in” thing when you got married. You both must have been through many ups and downs together, and your wedding anniversary gives you a day to relive your wedding vows by personalizing them. Write down your promises to each other and let your partner know how much you love them. 

Anniversary Idea 2: A White Wedding Theme Party

We’ve all dreamt of the wedding song in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and wished for a white wedding, haven’t we? Well, this is possible now! Throw a white wedding anniversary themed party for your friends and family. Dress up in a white gown and become a bride all over again! 

2 wedding anniversary celebration

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Anniversary Idea 3: Relive Your Proposal

Go back to the spot where the wedding proposal happened. If it was somewhere on the outskirts of the city, take the day off and plan a picnic/ road trip there. Relive the wedding anniversary day on which you said, “Yes” to him.

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Anniversary Idea 4: The Post Wedding Shoot

If you missed the opportunity to have a pre-wedding shoot back then, you could always have one done now. And if you have kids now, you could include them in your photos too, and create beautiful memories together as a family on your wedding anniversary. 

4 wedding anniversary celebration

Anniversary Idea 5: Wedding Festivities Re-Run

It might feel a bit OTT to wear your bridal lehenga all over again, but you could always get into your sangeet or cocktail outfit and relive your wedding anniversary celebrations. Throw a small party for your friends and family, and be the blushing bride again! This also gives you an opportunity to take out your wedding outfits and relive all those beautiful memories. 

Anniversary Idea 6: The Couples’ Bucket List

You both obviously would have had created a bucket list with things you want to do as a couple. Make your wedding anniversary an opportunity to tick something off your bucket list. Hold each other’s hand and jump off a plane or kiss under the Eiffel Tower - just do it, girls! 

6 wedding anniversary celebration

Anniversary Idea 7: Walk Down The Aisle Together

A few years back, you walked down the aisle towards him. Years later, walk down the aisle together, as a couple on your wedding anniversary. Show the world your bond and how you both are ONE.

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Anniversary Idea 8:  Create A Cutesy Timeline

Display your love story and create a timeline with a video/ display of your photos together and share the special moments with everyone. From the day you met, to the day he proposed, to the wedding anniversary day and so on… Personalize it with photos and sweet messages from every phase in your life together. 

8 wedding anniversary celebration

Anniversary Idea 9: Make Your Kids A Part Of The Celebration

In all probability, your kids were not there when you both got married. If you plan on having a white wedding-themed party for your wedding anniversary, make your son/ daughter the flower boy or girl.  You could also have matching outfits for you and your daughter, and/ or for your son and your husband. 

Anniversary Idea 10: “We Still Do”

Have a Wedding Part II ceremony and send out invites for the same. Have a photo booth with placards that read, “Renewed” and “Still His Mrs and Still Her Mr”. Celebrate and tell the world how madly in love you both are with each other, today and forever on your wedding anniversary. 

10 wedding anniversary celebration

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