Dear Future Husband, 11 Teeny, Tiny Demands I Have From You!

Dear Future Husband, 11 Teeny, Tiny Demands I Have From You!
Dear future husband,

While making those seven big promises to me on the day of our wedding, could you also squeeze in these 11 teeny, tiny little demands I have from you? You’d do it for me, wouldn’t you?

Your lovely wife-to-be

1. If we can’t take a few week-long vacations in a year, I at least want several weekend getaways.

At least. Okay?

1 demands from my future husband

2. I want you to help me cook lovely meals, and keep “our” house beautiful.

‘Coz I believe in equal division of domestic chores. Don’t worry, I am gonna help you with those bills too. :)

3. I want you to patiently hear me out and stay updated about all that’s happening in my friends’ lives.

And bitch about them on cue too! :P

3 demands from my future husband

4. I want you to be on #TeamMe always, and fight for me with your family or mine if need be.

You can scold me later if you want to. But #TeamMe puts up a strong front against the world, always and forever. Yeah?

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5. I want you to cuddle with me, even on days I am fighting with you and pushing you away.

I promise I don’t want to hog your space in bed, I just want all the space that’s between your arms.

5 demands from my future husband

6. I want a few big, grand gestures on my birthday, on our anniversary, on New Year's or on Valentines’ that I can tell my grand kids about and feel proud...

And you can leave me to worry about the spark in our relationship on the rest of the days of the year.

7. I want you to sit by my side, watch rom-coms and feed me popcorn and tell me that I am not putting on weight.

I’ll do the same for you during mad sci-fi and action movies.

7 demands from my future husband

8. But if I am actually putting on weight and running away from the truth - I want you to sign us up for gym and come with me every day.

You sweating along with me is the only way I am gonna sweat at all.

9. I want you to believe in my dreams and chase after them even if someday I don’t…

Because those dreams make me who I am, and I wouldn’t want to let go of them ever. Be a reminder for me when I forget this myself, okay?

9 demands from my future husband

10. I want you to be an active participant during my shopping sessions.

I promise I’ll thank you for it later in bed. *Wink*

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11. I want a ring that turns heads…

Now that it’s gonna sit on my finger forever, it might as well look grand, right?

11 demands from my future husband

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