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The Short Girl's Guide To Looking Amazing In A Maxi Dress!

The Short Girl's Guide To Looking Amazing In A Maxi Dress!
Dear Ladies, if you are a little bit on the teeny TINY side and have always been advised against wearing maxi dresses because of your small frame, you (REALLY) need not listen any more. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should or should not be wearing. We are here with some amazing tips on how to style a maxi dress to make it look more flattering on you!

1. Splurge on plunging necklines!

Plunging necklines create an illusion of a taller and leaner torso. They elongate your neck and draw attention to your upper body. Tip: Try V necks and sweetheart necklines. POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Orange Maxi Dress.

2. Make heels your friends

2 how to wear a maxi dress Not only do they look amazing with maxi dresses, but they will also add a few extra inches to your frame. You can try different styles for different occasions, ranging from stilettos to block heels to wedges. Tip: Buy a dress that is a few inches longer in length than your height so that it covers your heels fully. POPxo Recommends: AJIO Wedge Heel Sandals.

3. Avoid too much volume on the bottom

Voluminous dresses will hide your body and may make you look bulky. Try and stay away from dresses with an umbrella or a balloon skirt that cut down the length majorly. This silhouette will definitely cut off a few inches from your body and that is not ideal! Tip: Go for flowy or slim fit dresses.They will suit you the best.
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4. Belt It UP!

Adding a belt to your maxi dress will help highlight the tiniest part of your waist, cutting down the boxy element of the dress. Also, it will divide your body into perfect proportions, which is a great advantage here. It will add length to your lower body, making your legs appear longer and thereby making you look taller. You can also opt for dresses which already have belts attached to them. POPxo Recommends: Green Coloured Solid Maxi Dress.

5. Slits are *REALLY SEXY*

5 how to wear a maxi dress Okay so you get to earn brownie points here! Not only are slits sexy, but they also make your legs look longer, adding length to your lower body. So much win! POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Nude-Coloured High Slit Maxi Dress.

6. Go for vertically symmetrical prints

When shopping for maxi dresses, you must choose patterns that are vertically aligned. Vertical patterns create a long continuous line from the top to bottom which in turn creates an elongating illusion for your figure. POPxo Recommends: Marks & Spencer Printed Maxi Beach Dress.

7. Dangling earrings rock!

While accessorizing your maxi dresses, go for sleek dangly earrings. These earrings elongate your neck and also draws focus upwards, which makes you appear taller.
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8. Slim fits FIT!

8 how to wear a maxi dress You must choose a dress that fits you well. A well-fitted dress not only flatters your body but also creates a neat, slender silhouette. Avoid wearing oversized or poofy dresses as they cut off your body and make you appear shorter. POPxo Recommends: Maroon Solid Maxi Dress.

9. Monochrome *ALWAYS* works!

Choose a dress in one solid colour. Monochromes create a single unit through the entire length of your frame and won’t cut or highlight any part of your body. This works to create an illusion of a leaner and taller you. Tip: Choose darker hues or muted colour tones like shades of beige, brown and olives. POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Rust Orange Maxi Dress.

10. Choose small prints

If you have a small body structure, large prints may look overwhelming on you. Smaller prints will always work in your favour, scaling your body to make you look taller. Larger prints, on the other hand, will hide your height and body. POPxo Recommends: Printed Maxi Dress.

11. Go High-low

11 how to wear a maxi dress High-low dresses are basically every petite girl’s dream. The flash of skin from the front will balance out the monotony and make you look taller. Pair them up with wedges for a perfect maxi-look!.
POPxo Recommends: Forever 21 Black High-Low Dress. Images: Shutterstock