Arranged Marriage Setup? 10 Signs That He Is THE ONE!

Arranged Marriage Setup? 10 Signs That He Is THE ONE!
I have always believed that when you meet the ONE for the first time…butterflies will fly, dreamy bubbles will fill the air, and music will play in the background. Except that nothing like this actually happens. Sigh. Then how do we know this is the real deal - the one you’ve been waiting for all your life? The person with whom you would want to spend the rest of your life? And when it’s an arranged marriage setup, things get even more convoluted. While you can’t always be certain, the universe will drop some hints for sure. Keep looking...

1. Trust your instincts!

Well this may sound superficial, it’s not. That gut of yours will tell how far this one will go and if it flutters “eternal” – go ahead, jump on the bandwagon.

1 arranged marriage setup

2. You can be you

… And he’s okay with this real, unpretentious you. Sans makeup and without being “made up” in your personality, if he finds you just as gorgeous - then know that he is a keeper.

3. You can laugh with him

Sense of humour is such an important characteristic of any relationship, and with time you realize its value even more. What better than the fact that you can laugh with him from the bottom of your heart? That’s when you know that life’s good.

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4. Egos are given some rest

We all have egos and sometimes we really put it to hard work, but when you are around each other, do you keep it on the side? Is ladkewale and ladkiwale such a big issue as some tend to make it? Ask yourself these questions and the answers will tell you if he is the one!

4 arranged marriage setup

5. There are efforts

Is he making as much effort as you are to initiate conversation or to keep one going or to dress up to meet? Because that will really show how much either of you wants to keep the show going. And that effort will decide if it’s worth sticking with him or not.

6. You feel safe

Doesn’t mean he has to be some macho Rambo dude, just that his company makes you feel protected and loved… Awww!

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7. He notices

He is not someone who is full of himself (or crap in his head). He takes the time to notice you and how you feel and does something small (or big) to make you feel special. Then just go for it.

7 arranged marriage setup

8. He completes you

You know that feeling of emptiness we all feel sometimes? Well, if he fills it up with love, light and happiness…then you know he is the one!

9. Those eyes

A lot will be written in those beautiful pair – the love, the yearning, the delight within. Search for a part of your soul in them and you’ll know for sure.

10. You love him at least a little

As a helpless romantic, your heart will flutter and fall for him. Like they say – you’ll just know when you meet him!

10 arranged marriage setup

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