7 Things That Girls With Flat Tummies NEVER Do!

7 Things That Girls With Flat Tummies NEVER Do!
Have you ever wondered how some girls are blessed with flat bellies? That’s because they actually work hard to maintain it. With the right kind of diet, exercise and willpower, you too can get the belly you’ve always wanted. Here are 7 things that girls with flat stomachs never do - learn, adapt and repeat!

1. They don’t eat junk food

1 how to get a flat stomach

If you’ve noticed, a girl who has a flat tummy has a diet that is always clean and loaded with fruits, nuts, lean meat and vegetables. That’s because all these foods are rich sources of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. She doesn’t gorge on processed fats or sugar much. The key here is to eat as healthy and natural as possible. You can do it too, girl!

2. They don’t laze around all day

Even if they’re running out of time or have a desk job, these ladies find the time for some sort of activity during the day. By working out we don’t necessarily mean hitting the gym. Running, walking, or even dancing, works! As long as you devote 30 minutes a day to it, you’ll do just fine.

Tip: Try these crunches at home!

Step 1: Rest your back on the mat, and make sure that your knees are bent and feet are firmly planted on the floor.

Step 2: Place your hands behind your head and make sure that your fingers aren’t laced together.

Step 3: Gently pull your abdomen in an inward direction.

Step 4: Hold that exact position for half a minute and slowly come back to initial position.

Do this 10 times thrice a week for positive results.

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3. Slouching is the worst!

3 how to get a flat stomach

Good posture is what will get you a flat belly in no time. Wherever you sit or stand think of it as if you are on a patch of glue. Keep your shoulder blades relaxed and your spine erect. If you get tired of this position, feel free to get off from your desk and walk around.

Tip: Aerobatics are your best friend

Before you do your crunches, a layer of fat needs to get burnt. Cardio exercises will tone your belly and improve your stamina too.

Step 1: Do a lap of running. When you start feeling tired or run out of breath, that’s when you walk.

Step 2: Do a whole round for 20-30 minutes without taking a break.

Step 3: Once you’ve saved enough energy, run again!

Try running for an hour every single day of the week

4. They don’t sacrifice their beauty sleep

Believe it or not but getting a good night’s rest helps burn tummy fat. Apparently, if you don’t sleep and you’re under stress, cortisol is secreted and that promotes belly fat. Hence, just sleep it off. Sleep will not only improve your skin, but will also get you in shape. It’s pretty darn amazing.

5. They may skip cold drinks, but never water!

5 how to get a flat stomach

Drinking water every hour, every day, is good for your system! It boosts your metabolism and helps process food faster. It also keeps your body hydrated and skin supple. Wherever you go, carry a bottle of water with you. Sip on it after every 15-20 minutes. Refill after!

6. They stay away from white bread

Sure, white bread tastes yum, but that doesn’t make it healthy, you know?! Since white bread is over-processed and more difficult to digest, brown bread or rice is a healthier option. Brown grains help burn fat, so make sure you include these babies more often in your diet.

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7. They don’t give up

7 how to get a flat stomach

Girls with flat tummies are very determined to maintain their physique. They have a strong willpower and don’t give in to their cravings too often. If you want the same, consistency and determination is what you need in order to get that sexy tummy!

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