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What To Do When A Guy Keeps Sending You Mixed Signals

What To Do When A Guy Keeps Sending You Mixed Signals
Most of us have, at some point, been in that odd, err, “relationship” which we really don’t know what to make of. Getting mixed signals from a guy can sometimes drive you crazy wondering whether you are, in fact, in a “relationship”, how serious things are, whether or not it’s exclusive?! - the confusion can reach a significantly annoying level. Here, we lend you a helping hand by listing out ways to deal with his mixed signals. Hope it helps!

1. Give him more space than you would in a “normal” relationship

Now that you may just be a couple or almost one, doesn’t mean you have to be on the phone with each other all day. Give him enough space – maybe he just needs time for this to sink in, or maybe there’s something going on in his personal life that he needs to deal with, or maybe he’s just not ready yet. Also, don’t nag him, however mildly even, for not calling or texting enough or not showing too much interest.

2. After a date, wait for him to text or call you

Yes, you might be eager to text him right after your romantic dinner saying you had a great time, but don’t do that just yet. Wait enough to give him the time to think of contacting you after a fun evening together. That’ll help you understand him and the relationship you both share, better. 2 deal with his mixed signals

3. Casually mention another guy, to test waters

If you’re wondering if you’re in an exclusive relationship or if it’s a relationship at all, here’s a plan for you. Over a coffee or a phone conversation, mention in passing, the existence of this other guy in your life who’s been giving you more attention than a friend ideally would - don't talk about your feelings, just about his. Watch his reaction to this one and judge for yourself, girls. Also read: 7 Signs Your Relationship Is Still Worth Fixing (Don’t Give Up!)

4. Umm…some social media stalking, perhaps?

One way to get to know him better is to go through his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles – go through his friend lists, his posts, comments, et al. There is a lot more in there than he realizes and it might just clear your head up a bit. 4 deal with his mixed signals

5. Do not jump to conclusions – good or bad

You’re in an association with a guy whom you’re still trying to figure out. And so, it’s natural for you to decode and read into every action and word of his. This will just drive you up the wall, so steer clear of this one, girls. You’ll know when you know, right?

6. Don’t take it personally

Remember that nothing that he says or does, or doesn’t say, or doesn’t do, has anything to do with you. It could just be the way he is or the things he’s dealing with right now. So try not to take any of that personally, ladies, even though it'll be difficult not to. 6 deal with his mixed signals

7. Do not add to all that confusion

You, under no circumstances, have to give him a dose of his own medicine. If he isn’t too chatty or acts aloof, doesn’t mean you have to respond in the same way, because that will only add to the confusion. No, we aren’t asking you to go all out and be exact opposite of him – just balance it out the best you can and stay true to yourself. Also read: 7 “Unromantic” Things That Can Make Your Relationship Stronger!

8. Ask your girlfriends for advice

A second opinion never hurts anyone. Very often, when you’re in love, you don’t tend to look at the bigger picture of the relationship you’re in. So, confide in a friend, maybe next time around take her along with you to meet up with him and let her gauge him and give advice to you accordingly. Meeting him and hearing enough about him through you, will help her make an informed opinion and that could be helpful for you. 8 deal with his mixed signals

9. Finally, have "The Talk"

If all else fails, and you’ve been in this “relationship” long enough, muster the courage and the calm to have "The Talk" with him. Sit him down and explain to him, very honestly, all that’s going on in your head and how he needs to be a bit more clear about what your relationship is about.
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