How To Deal With Awkward Moments In Bed (And Make Them FUN!)

How To Deal With Awkward Moments In Bed (And Make Them FUN!)
Awkward moments and sex almost go hand-in-hand. Two people at their most vulnerable moment in life, there is nothing that could not happen!
No, don’t freak out, we have listed 11 awkward moments couples face in bed and how to deal with them so that you have the most glitch-free experience ever!

1. Passing Gas

You are in the heat of the moment, things are getting steamy but then...oopsie! One of you passes gas and now you are left in an awkward situation with a possibly stinky room.

How To Deal: If you end up passing gas then, first, RELAX. If you partner passes gas then, too, RELAX. It is only human to pass gas, especially during intercourse when the friction can sometimes increase the possibilities of passing gas. This is definitely something you can laugh about and make light of the situation. Take a short break if you must, crack a few jokes and get back into action!

1 awkward moments in bed

2. You try a new position and… doesn’t work out, leaving you tired and cranky and in no mood to carry things forward anymore.

How To Deal: Trying a new position is always a tricky situation, it will either work out great or completely fail. Give yourself and your partner the credit for taking a risk like this, even if it didn’t work out. If you both still want to try that position then read up on it and give it another shot in a few days. If not, then forget about it, and go for something that you’re more familiar with.

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3. One of you reaches climax before the other

Call it bad timing or whatever you want, but this happens to the best of us. One of you will reach climax before the other… but then what? What do you do if you are the one left not completely satisfied?

How To Deal: One thing you definitely should not do is take it out on your partner. Don’t get annoyed or angry just because they couldn’t perfectly match their timing with yours. It’s okay. Even if you can’t have sex after this, there are other ways you can reach orgasm with the help of your partner - oral sex, handjobs, fingering, and so on. This also means you get to try something different in bed!

3 awkward moments in bed

4. You accidentally hurt the other person

It’s not unusual to land a slap on your partner’s face or kick them by mistake while having sex. You tend to not realise what your reaction would be like in the heat of the moment.

How To Deal: If you have unintentionally hurt your partner and they are in pain, be sensitive towards them, apologise and help them do whatever needs to be done - clean the wound, get a painkiller, apply a band aid. If it is a minor scratch, then simply ask them if they need anything, a glass of water, anything that will make them feel better and then just laugh the situation off or say something like “You got me so turned on, I had no idea what I was doing. I am so sorry, baby”!

5. You get interrupted

If both of you have roommates then it is common to get interrupted while in the moment. Someone can knock, ring the bell, call out your name, bombard you with phone calls… it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. But it has taken away the heat of the moment from what?

How To Deal: Don’t blame it on your partner if things get interrupted, you know it’s not their fault and the blame game won’t help anybody. If it is possible then talk to your roommate, if it is your house or ask your partner to talk to their roommate before you guys decide to take things further and explain to them how you would like to have some alone time. More often than not, they will understand and leave you two be. And if you do get interrupted then try to forget about it and get things back into action when you have privacy.

5 awkward moments in bed

6. One of you falls asleep

This is the story of a lot of our lives. You feel tired but you go ahead if your partner wishes to and end up dozing off in the middle of it!

How To Deal: If it happens to you (that is, your partner sleeps off) then don’t take it personally. Just because they slept does not mean they are not interested in you. And if you are the one who sleeps off then explain it to your partner that just because you slept does not mean you are not interested because that is the first conclusion one jumps to and can be quite harmful to your relationship. The only solution is, if you are feeling tired then be sweet to your partner and tell them “I am really tired today, honey, but I would love to continue this tomorrow!” Be honest and escape the disaster altogether.

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7. Your jeans won’t come off

Argh! This moment is more annoying than awkward. When you are in the mood, things are going great, you start undressing each other and...your clothes, more specifically jeans, just won’t come off!

How To Deal: Try to not wear jeans if you have any idea that you two might be getting intimate. Wear clothes that are loose and considerably easy to take off. In case you are wearing jeans and face a moment like this then turn it to your favour by taking your clothes on your own and turning it into a short strip tease, maybe? *wink*

7 awkward moments in bed

8. When your hair is all over the place

It is genuinely exasperating when your hair is in your mouth, in his mouth, in your nose, all over his face, isn’t it?

How To Deal: There is only two ways out of this - either be unapologetic about your hair (after all, it’s only natural) or pick a hairstyle that will give you a sexy look while also keep hair off your face - a high ponytail or a high bun?

9. When you realize you’re not going to orgasm

Isn’t it the most guilty feeling when you are in between things and you already know you are not going to have an orgasm today while your partner is trying as hard as they possibly can? Yep. We know.

How To Deal: It is not in your hands when you can or cannot have an orgasm so don’t feel guilty. If you realise today is not going to be that day before hand, then it is only a plus! Turn the table around and focus on satisfying your partner instead. This way, your partner might not realise, let alone feel bad, about the fact that you are not going to climax. It’s a win-win!

9 awkward moments in bed

10. When the condom keeps falling off

Here you are, being all responsible by using protection during sex… but the condom won’t stay in place!

How To Deal: Usually the condom not staying in place is a major turn off for the guys more than the girls. It leads them to believe that something is not right and kind of annoyed by the fact that it’s not working out. Re-assure your partner that it is okay, things like these happen and there is no need to be negative about it. Try to place the condom with your hands so that your partner, in turn, gets turned on. The more turned on he is, the better the fit!

11. Unexpected sex

So what do you do when your partner wants to have sex out of the blue, when you are in your granny panties, not smelling or looking anywhere near what you imagine?

How To Deal: Take a quick bathroom break, excuse yourself by saying something sexy like “I’ll see you in bed in five? *wink*” slip into any sexy lingerie that you might have or just slip out of underwear altogether, take some toothpaste and just quickly give yourself fresher breath and spray some deo (any kind will work at the moment) and voila! You are ready to go! Or, even better, just have sex anyway. If he really cares about you (or even the sex) he won't give a damn about any of it.

11 awkward moments in bed

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