How Girls *Actually* Reply To Texts! (GRIN!) | POPxo

How Girls *Actually* Reply To Texts! (GRIN!)

How Girls *Actually* Reply To Texts! (GRIN!)
However fabulous and amazing we might be, women sometimes tend to overthink a tad bit. And this rings true especially when it comes to the big, giant world of text messaging. We over-assess every text message and if a certain guy doesn’t reply to our message within 90 seconds, we literally assume the worst. If those 90 seconds turn into 5 minutes, we turn to our besties for help. Either way, texting is never just texting for us, it’s this, that and a whole lot more. If you are someone who is on her phone ALL THE TIME or know someone who does the same, then this hilarious video is just for you! Happy Texting!

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