9 Habits That Reveal More About Him Than His Words Do!

9 Habits That Reveal More About Him Than His Words Do!
Guys aren't always known to be super communicative or very talkative. Because of this, sometimes we have to decipher what our men are thinking or saying just by observing their habits and behavioural patterns. Ah well, a little psychology didn't hurt anyone, right? Especially not when it's for a great cause, better known as...our love lives!

1. Sending you a “Good Morning” message

Ladies, this is your man’s way of saying you’re the first thing on his mind! We think it’s adorable and means just as much as the words “I love you”.

2. Listening to emo music on his way to work

Hey - guys have emotions too, you know! They just cannot always express them upfront. Music lets them lose themselves in a different world. The fact that he listens to emo music only reveals a sensitive side to him – which is nothing short of adorable!

2 habits guys have

3. Meeting his boys for a night out every weekend

This so-called habit may annoy you at times, but the fact is that boys need their male bonding time just as we girls need our girly time. And while they may “bond” in a different way, it makes them happier. Your takeaway should be the fact that he is a social guy with a close knit group of friends, and that’s always a good thing!

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4. Wearing the same old clothes till they have holes in them

Yes, girls, it’s not only your man who does that! It’s quite a guy thing. And we’d like to believe that it reveals that he loves the comfort of the familiar. He is a low maintenance guy who couldn’t be bothered with shopping and such. Oh also, if you’re not like that at all – it only proves that opposites attract! ;)

4 habits guys have

5. Focusing on a task and forgetting everything else.

It’s a well-known fact that guys cannot multitask! Most of them are just built that way. While this habit really annoys us at times, it only proves that he can get very serious and committed about any task that he takes up. Even better if that “task” is romancing you. Yeah, you may be wanting to check into a restaurant and Snapchat while your date is underway, but boy do you have all of his attention!

6. Lecturing you without any reason

If your man has a habit of giving you unsolicited advice, just look at it this way – he feels protective about you. He only wants the best for you and is comfortable enough to lecture you about it. Yes, sometimes you need to curb this and we get that, but it’s kind of sweet if you think of the sentiment behind it.

6 habits guys have

7. Ignoring you for a little bit when he’s miffed

When he’s acting vague and distant, he’s actually craving your attention. This happens to guys especially after a fight or argument. He’s giving you a chance to show him how much you care. Here’s where all the kissing and making up magic happens, girls.

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8.  Cracking jokes with waiters or rickshaw-walas

Ever wondered about this strange and peculiar habit your man possesses? Does he always say something funny or random to the waiter? He only does that because he’s trying to put a smile on their faces and treat them well. Know that your man has got a good heart, and his head in the right place!

8 habits guys have

9. Checking on you at the end of the day

No matter how many miles away you are, or whether you saw him literally a few minutes ago – if he’s sending you that “Reached home?” text, he’s quite the keeper. He cares about your safety and well being and considers it his own responsibility! You shouldn’t even expect him to say the words “I care for you” because he is so clearly acting it out. It’s one of those great habits that all boys must have – we think!

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