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Home > Wedding > Wedding Ideas & Tips
Spectacular nose ring designs to make you go 'WOW!'

Spectacular nose ring designs to make you go 'WOW!'

Apart from all the historical/ traditional legends and beliefs surrounding the nath, in the modern era, a nose ring is just another element that a woman dons to reflect her personality and her fashion choices too. And for many a bride, her shaadi outfit isn’t complete without this piece of jewellery. So, here are a few gorgeous nose ring designs for the modern bride to choose from!

1. Five-Star Glitz!

1 naths for the bride This nath is a great pick for the glamorous charm that a bride wants to exude. The bold stones and the tiny pearls in these nose ring designs make it look magical. The thin gold strings with the scattered stones add to its beauty. Price: Rs. 4,000. Buy it here.

2. The Regal Princess

2 naths for the bride This nath is the epitome of royalty! With tiny pearls beautifully strung together, along with the coloured gemstones, these nose ring designs are for every bride’s inner queen. If you are looking to wear something that really stands out, it should be this piece Price: Rs 7,500. Buy it here.

3. The Absolute Beauty

3 naths for the bride Little floral motifs, some pearls and red stones, all married gracefully to create such unique nose ring designs. It is specially made for the bride, we’d say, to go with her gorgeous red bridal lehenga.. Price: Rs 3,900. Buy it here.  

4. Dazzling Diamonds

4 naths for the bride
If you’re wearing a diamond set on the wedding day, these round diamond-studded nose ring designs is all that you need to complete the look. It’s delicate, yet powerful. Just perfect for the girl who loves diamonds. Price: Rs 11,659. Buy it here.

5. The Brilliant Circle

5 naths for the bride Nose ring designs so striking, with the circular stones highlighted with a line of mini pearls. This will look so pretty when matched with a pink or any pastel coloured outfit. Price: Rs 5,760. Buy it here.

6. Kundan Bijou

6 naths for the bride You need such nose ring designs to match your kundan set. It’s got large stones to go along with the larger stones set in the necklace and earrings. The green tint in this nose ring will compliment a red lehenga graciously. Price: Rs 3,250. Buy it here.

7. Floral Flair

7 naths for the bride If you are wearing a jewellery set that has floral designs, you’ve got to wear a matching nath too. This large nose ring comprising four flowers is sophisticated and exclusive. Who wouldn’t want that for her big day?
Price: Rs 2,650. Buy it here.

8. Geometric Grace

8 naths for the bride If you are a the contemporary type of bride looking to experiment, this nath design what will add that fabulous finishing touch. It’s offbeat with triangular stones attached to the gem strings. All we can say is WOW Price: Rs 9,450. Buy it here.

9. All In The Strings!

9 naths for the bride This exquisite nath design is all things marvellous. The large pearl drops along with the square stones and the single flower standing out…what more can we say? The extra strings make this one ultra grand.. Price: Rs 3,250. Buy it here.  

10. The Pretty Peacock

10 naths for the bride When you choose to wear a gold and rubies filigree set, this is the nath that is apt. It’s a statement piece, almost ethereal and dreamy. We cannot stop admiring the gorgeous peacock motif on it Price: Rs 7,250. Buy it here.

11. The Dainty Darling

11 naths for the bride When you’re looking for something ultra-fine to match your personality, you should pick this. It doesn’t cover the face too much and is good for someone with a smaller face. It will match your kundan or polki sets very well.
Price: Rs 2,750. Buy it here.

12. Bold Gold

12 naths for the bride When you’re obsessed with the all-gold look like no other, this nath is what you need. It’s almost like a semi-circle of gold carvings, and you could add a string of pearls to tone down the effect of only gold if you’d like. Price: Rs 10,556. Buy it here.

13. The Diamond Droplet!

13 naths for the bride When wearing a slightly more elaborate diamond set, you’d love to keep the vibe going for your nath as well. That’s when you should choose this. It’s more wearable in the future too! We love the design. Price: Rs 11,672. Buy it here.

14. The Magnificent Jewel

14 naths for the bride This larger-than-life nath is for the bride who wants the nath to do all the talking. It's got multiple flowers, jhumkis and some pearls too. A superior design suitable for the elegant bride. It’ll go well with kundan, polki or pearl sets. Price: Rs 10,500. Buy it here.

15. The Traditional Gold And Pearls

15 naths for the bride
The perfect blend of coloured stones along with pearl and gold, this one is for the classic bride. It’ll go well with a bright gold and pearl set. Price: Rs 15,886. Buy it here.

16. The Golden Beads!

16 naths for the bride For the bride who chooses to wear a gold set, and wants to adorn her face with a piece of playfulness, it’s this beads-laden golden nath that's the perfect choice. It’s a conventional gold nath with a twist, and we are very much in love with it Price: Rs 3,300. Buy it here. Featured Image: Shutterstock A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.
Published on Aug 11, 2016
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