Long Weekend, No Plans? 10 FUN Things To Do In Delhi!

Long Weekend, No Plans? 10 FUN Things To Do In Delhi!
Delhi is a beautiful, vast city with some amazing activities stored up in every nook and cranny. You just have to be able to take a look around and discover that every new day is a good day (or, for that matter, night) in Delhi. Seriously, there is always so much to do. And as the long weekend is upon us, we’re going to tell you that there are so many cool things you can do in Delhi, if you didn’t know already.

1. A Game Of Paintball

Many of us want to go for paintball but hardly find the time or the people to go with. Because this is an activity that can be enjoyed thoroughly only with a huge group of people, it takes some time to plan and organize. But with the long weekend at your disposal, you have all the time to plan this fun activity with your friends and family. So gear up and bring out your game face!

Try it here:

The Paintball Co., Sector 31, Gurgaon, M: 9971200530

Lock ‘n’ Load, Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, M: 9873444019

Shootout Zone, Andheria Modh, Near Chattarpur Metro Station, M: 9811007094

1 Things to do in Delhi

2. Ski India

Why wait for winter when Delhi already boasts of Ski India? This place stays open the whole year and the temperature inside it is -15 degrees Celsius (woah)! You will be given proper gear and detailed instructions as to how to go about things, so basically you have nothing to worry about and nothing can stop you from having a great time.

Try it here:

DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida, Tel: 01202695150

3. Water Parks

Although the monsoon has fully arrived (finally!), there still is no respite from the heat and the humidity. The air clings to our bodies and we are still constantly looking for ways to cool ourselves off. So, what better way to do this than going to a waterpark with all your friends?

Visit one of these:

Worlds of Wonder, Noida, Tel: 18001031415

Oysters Water Park, Gurgaon, Tel: 01244581000

Splash The Water Park, Main GT Karnal Road, Tel: 09250055222

3 Things to do in Delhi

4. Haunted Houses

Do you believe in ghosts and spirits? If you don’t, do you want to start believing in them? This idea isn’t for the weak-hearted ones but with a group of friends, nothing is impossible, right? And fortunately or unfortunately, Delhi is quite famous for it’s haunted houses, forts, etc. Would you dare to try this?!

Some places that are believed to be haunted:

House No. W3, Greater Kailash

Chor Minar, Hauz Khas

Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate

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5. August Poetry Slam By ArtRefurbish

Is there a Charles Bukowski hidden somewhere deep inside you? If yes, then you should totally sign up for this slam poetry event that’s going to take place in Antisocial (Hauz Khas Village) on the 13th of August. Register and get your voice heard or just go and lend an ear to other people’s voices.

Find out more here:

Kusha, Tel: 9560529411

5 Things to do in Delhi

6. Complete A Graffiti Trail

We have your attention already, right? It’s one thing when you suddenly find elaborate and beautiful graffiti in places you least expect it but it’s another when you deliberately go and look for them. So, why not go for a graffiti trail? When it’s about discovering art in any form, time is never really of the essence.

You can find the event details here.

7. HOHO Bus

The “Hop On Hop Off Bus” service is quite an interesting option for sightseeing. You may have lived in Delhi for a while now but you might not have had the time to see many places, and the HOHO bus does just that for you. The best part - it has flexible timings!

For more info click here.

8. Watch A Play

We recommend the Shri Ram Centre at the Mandi House Chowk. Why? Because there is never a dull day there. Full of amazing actors and very easy on the pockets, this place should be every play-goers paradise. Or you could also go to the India Habitat Centre. When it comes to plays, your limits are boundless.

If confused, go watch these:

Chand Roz Aur Meri Jaan, August 14th, India Habitat Centre

Court Martial, August 15th, Shri Ram Centre

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9. Daryaganj Book Market

The smell of books, both old and new... This is what book lovers live for. Keep this Sunday free. Take loose change, a huge bag and buy books at the lowest rates! Don’t feel guilty about bargaining...because the stall keepers expect you to. Read and make your mind grow - and your library too!

9 Things to do in Delhi

10. Celebrate Independence Day With Friends And Family

Stay home, invite people over. Talk about history, talk about how far we’ve come and maybe watch the parade together too. It’s a grand day and you should celebrate it with the people you love. Staying home is as great an option as going out.

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