15 Pretty And Colourful Sets Of Lingerie For Honeymoon!

15 Pretty And Colourful Sets Of Lingerie For Honeymoon!

This story was updated in February 2019. Lingerie is an essential part of your wedding wardrobe, and more importantly the honeymoon suitcase! While you may get a few ‘sexy’ ones for your wedding night, the honeymoon is where you can get creative. You can choose from a range of fun lingerie, and even select them based on where you’re going to be holidaying! Check out these lingerie for honeymoon to perk up the special time!

Pretty Lingerie For Honeymoon

Wedding is around the corner? Excited for your honeymoon? So, here is the complete list of lingerie (night dress for honeymoon) that you can buy to bring out the sexiest version of you.

1. Stripe Out!

n-gal-black-striped-bikini-Lingerie-for-honeymoon If you’re planning a cruise vacay, this one should definitely be in your travel bag. The stripes will make them sailor girl feels come alive! Price: Rs 1,699. Buy it here.

2. Strappy Business

Flower-Applique-Harness-Lingerie-for-honeymoon Planning to go on a honeymoon to an isolated island? Well, make things wild and interesting in this strappy and edgy set, because what’s the honeymoon without something exciting between the sheets, right? Price: Rs 862. Buy it here.

3. Fun And Games!

prettysecrets-women-multicoloured-printed-lingerie-set-Lingerie-for-honeymoon If your honeymoon is going to be an adventure mixed with couple games, add this piece to your bag already. This even resembles a checkers board, doesn’t it? Let’s play then. :-) Price: Rs 1,148. Buy it here.

4. Geometric Alignment

Intimo-Check-cage-Lingerie-Set-Lingerie-for-honeymoon Who doesn’t love a little geometry? This one could look really cool if you plan to wear something sheer! Carry this set along for your beach honeymoon, ladies. Price: Rs 1,399. Buy it here.

5. Nature Prints!

38-euro-bikini-cs-2-aruba-lingerie-for-honeymoon Planning a honeymoon in the woods? This piece of lingerie with a floral and butterfly print makes the cut for your one night of without the lights fun! ;-) Price: Rs 550. Buy it here.

6. A Dip In The Pool!

bra-panties-set-lingerie-for-honeymoon Have a husband who wants a pool everywhere he goes? Well, then match your lingerie to the colour of the pool and look every bit gorgeous! He won’t be able to take his eyes off you, we say. Price: Rs 2,690. Buy it here.

7. Lacy Off-Shoulder

prettycat-black-lingerie-for-honeymoon (2) For your luxurious honeymoon, on which you want to look every bit the glamorous girl, go for some lacy lingerie! It’s sexy, with a very luxe feel to it. Slip it on and create magic! Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here.

8. Neon Love

romantic-silky-soft-neon-green-lingerie-set-lingerie-for-honeymoon If you’re the party couple and believe that that’s the way you want your honeymoon to be, then go ahead, ladies! You must buy this bra-panty set. It’s bright and will definitely grab his attention! Price: Rs 799. Buy it here.

9. Splash Of Colours

kotty-women-multicoloured-striped-lingerie-for-honeymoon Just get this multi-coloured piece to make him forget everything and focus on the right thing when on your honeymoon! Price: Rs 159. Buy it here.

10. Love Delight!

kotty-women-pink--black-printed-lingerie-set-lingerie-for-honeymoon A lovie dovie beach vacation with lots of cocktails and dreams? Get the same element in bed by swapping your regular lingerie for this one! Price: Rs 1299, Buy it here.

11. Animal Print Amaze!

aruba-tiger-print-bikini-set-in-strings-lingerie-for-honeymoon Honeymooning at a wildlife sanctuary? Kiss him and let him know who the lioness in the room is as you look roaring hot in this one! Price: Rs 500, Buy it here.

12. Flower Power!

prettycat-white-lingerie-set-lingerie-for-honeymoon Going to the hills to be in bounty of nature, surrounded by some beautiful flora and fauna? Cozy up with him in this flowery lingerie set then. Cute yet sassy, isn’t it? Price: Rs 1399, Buy it here.

13. Lacy Longline Lingerie Set

Lace-Longline-Harness-Lingerie-Set-lingerie-for-honeymoon A sexy burgundy coloured lingerie is just perfect to set the night on fire. The lace material will surely make you look really sexy, so get ready to be the hottest version of you. Price: Rs 1,054. Buy it here.

14. Scalloped Edge

Scalloped-Edge-Lace-Lingerie-Set-lingerie-for-honeymoon The nude coloured lace bra with sexy cuts will surely accentuate your physique and the bra being wireless would be really comfy to wear. Price: Rs 642, Buy it here.

15. Lace & Mesh Slips With Thong

Lace-&-Mesh-Slips-With-Thong-lingerie-for-honeymoon This one is the perfect bridal nightwear honeymoon lingerie as the lace and mesh slip with a thong looks so sexy and apt to wear anywhere and everywhere you go for the honeymoon. Price: Rs 797, Buy it here. A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.