7 Genius Styling Tips For The Petite Girl!

7 Genius Styling Tips For The Petite Girl!
As much as we’d like to believe the phrase “Everything keeps changing”, there are certain things in life that just don’t. Like your height and bone structure after you hit a certain age, for instance. Some of us have a broad built, while some of us are small, but all of us are blessed and look equally beautiful. If you are petite and not sure if some trends will flatter you, then this is your guide to looking gorgeous always! Check out few styling tips for short height girls to rock your insta feed.

1. The Skirt Guide

1 guide for petite girls

The silhouette of your skirt makes a huge difference. While full midi skirts are beautiful, they don’t flatter petite girls as much as knee length skirts do. The length of your skirt is very important when it comes to dressing for your body type. Opt for skirts that end at your knee or slightly above. As for maxi skirts, look for slinky maxis and not full maxis.

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2. The Pants Guide

2 guide for petite girls

Low rise pants are not your best friends. High waisted pants that cut at your waist and not your hips make your legs appear slender and longer. Wide-legged trousers or flared pants look greats on petite girls as they add a little volume as well as height. If you want to wear cigarette pants, look for ones that cut on your ankle, no higher or lower than that.

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3. The Dress Guide

3 guide for petite girls

This is your playing field. Almost all dresses look great on petite girls. Just make sure you stay away from dresses that have a midi length as they tend to make you look shorter than you are.

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4. The Belt Guide

4 guide for petite girls

Chunky belts may be making a comeback from the early 2000s but not in your closet. Stay away from chunky or flashy belts. They will break your body into two distinct parts and may make you appear even tinier. Look for thin belts that go well with frame you have been blessed with.

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5. The Bag Guide

5 guide for petite girls

A big NO to big bags. You wanna carry and wear things that complement your sweet frame, not hide it by carrying huge totes. The best bags for petite girls are satchels and messenger bags with a thin strap. Cute leather backpacks also look good on your body type and they’re so in vogue right now!

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6. The Shoes Guide

6 guide for petite girls

You can wear all the heels in the world without worrying about looking too tall - yay! But we all know that’s not gonna happen every day. So your guide to looking gorgeous in flats is by staying away from ankle straps. Broad ankle straps make you legs appear shorter and makes you look tinier.

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7. The Print Guide

7 guide for petite girls

Big bold prints may look a tad bit overwhelming on petite girls. They can hide your frame completely. Opt for lighter and smaller prints - vertical stripes to tiny polka dots. If you want to wear bold colours and prints, then limit that to small pieces of fabric, like a cropped top, and balance it out with a solid coloured wide-legged pair of pants.

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