This Fan Wrote A Letter To Deepika Padukone & It's Heartwarming! | POPxo
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This Fan Wrote A Letter To Deepika Padukone & It's Heartwarming!

This Fan Wrote A Letter To Deepika Padukone & It's Heartwarming!

We all remember the film Love Aaj Kal and we all obviously remember the character of Meera played by Deepika Padukone in that film. It has been 7 years since the film was released and we still can’t forget how beautifully Deepika carried this role. Meera was the girl next door, someone you could relate to, someone who is practical and someone who is super focused when it comes to work. She’s had a breakup, a failed marriage and a broken heart - and yet she takes charge of her life. Meera’s character not only inspired us, but it also made us believe that no matter how messy things might get, you have to trust yourself and keep going.
Also read: An Open Letter To Deepika Padukone… From Girls Everywhere! This film was definitely one of Deepika’s best ones and while we loved her in this avatar, there is a fan, Mihika Dutta, who posted a picture of Deepika on her Instagram along with a message which made us go aww. She dedicated the caption of the photo to Deepika’s character from the film and we can’t resist sharing it with you all. Internal fan wrote a letter to Deepika Padukone Source: Deepika Padukone on Instagram The caption read: “How many times do you see a character that makes you think – Wow...I should be more like her! Meera was one of those characters for me. Someone who took life in her own hands and said ‘I got this. I know what I want to do and I am going to do it’. From creating her identity to being comfortable with just being the girl who is in love with a boy, from taking wrong decisions to unapologetically owning up to the mistakes she has made, Meera was wonderfully raw and real. Towards the end of the movie, Saif’s character finds her at the restoration site and confesses his love for her. You see Meera finally break down here – few seconds, one scene and one thousand emotions. THIS is the scene that has stayed with me from the movie, the one I’ve gone back to YouTube to watch repeatedly. This scene makes her so beautifully relatable. The girl who makes sacrifices for her work, lives by her own rules, makes tough decisions – but is always looking for a little love. Her girl next door traits with her courage to live on her own terms. I think I am like that in more ways than one & also hope to be.
“So, @deepikapadukone. Here’s to you. For choosing characters that stay with us long after the 120 minutes of the movie are over. Characters that inspire us, characters that make us think. In its own wonderful way Meera changed a little bit of me for the good and I thank you for that. I hope my love reaches you through this. Xoxo” Also read: Why Deepika Won Our Hearts All Over Again – This Is Beautiful! OMG! Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever? We totally agree with what Mihika wrote for Deepika, and the actor herself reposted the message along with a thank you note. Keep doing the amazing work that you do, dear Deepika, and keep inspiring us. *Hearts*
Published on Aug 3, 2016
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