10 Fairytale Moments EVERY Girl Wishes Would Come True!

10 Fairytale Moments EVERY Girl Wishes Would Come True!
We grew up getting lost into the world of fairy tales and more than wished all these wonderful things that happened in those tales would happen to us too. Fairy tales taught us how to believe in miracles and that when the time is right, everything is going to fit into place. However, we still can’t stop from hoping that some of these magical fairytale moments would happen to us too. Here’s what we are talking about.

1. Actually looking like a damn goddess while sleeping

Sleeping beauty gave us some serious, “looking beautiful while sleeping” goals and try as we might, we are never going to look even half as wonderful as she does. (How can we even, with all the drooling, snoring and sleep-talking?). Anyway, we can’t help but wish that we look as lovely as her, effortlessly, while sleeping...

1 Fairytale moments

2. Losing something and that super-ultra-hot guy finding it for you

Rarely does this happen, wait, does it ever really happen? Well, we do not know of any real-life Cinderella stories but if you know of one let us know because we don’t want to give up, not just yet. We dream that the beautiful stole we lost during a girls night out would be returned to us by that attractive man who sat at the other table, no? Yes. Maybe it will happen someday. Someday.

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3. Having a Fairy Godmother just suddenly appear in our lives

Where have you been hiding, Dear Fairy Godmother? I am constantly broke and it would be nice if you could drop by once in awhile, you know? I’m still a good kid, I promise.

3 Fairytale moments

4. Stumbling into a house made of candy

And you know what would be even better? If the candy house was filled with things that we love - shoes, bags, jewellery, cupcakes - you name it, all the good stuff.

5. How about finding magic beanstalk?

Sounds unromantic right? Wrong! Wouldn’t it be really nice to climb up the beanstalk with your boyfriend, and spend quality time with him away from judging eyes? Yes, we think it would be lovely. (Without all the evils of the giant world, of course!)

5 Fairytale moments

6. Discovering that you are indeed a Princess

… In some exotic country and over there, you will have people attending to your every need. Imagine all the pretty gowns you would have to wear to attend the numerous balls thrown for you. Imagine those fluffy beds in a Victorian-style castle. Sigh!

7. Being rescued from a window in our room when grounded

Without having to do any harm to those luscious locks, of course. But seriously, admit it, at least once in your lifetime you have dreamed of your man or for that matter, any imaginary hunk coming over and rescuing you from your window. We know it to be true, don’t deny it.

7 Fairytale moments

8. Feel like a Badass while rescuing a guy’s life

In our minds we land punches on random people’s faces like it is nobody’s business and we sure do kick some ass. Our imagination also makes us go out of our way to help save some guy’s life. Like Ariel in The Little Mermaid did. If you happen to save a guy’s life with all your ninja moves, he’s yours for life.

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9. Have a man fall in love with us when passed out

This Snow White, she makes us so envious. This really never happens…ever. So, there she is, supposedly dead but a Prince sees her and just falls in love with her?! Don’t we all want that someone who would get down on their knees and pop the question as soon as possible, right?

9 Fairytale moments

10. Finding the perfect bed...even if it’s someone else’s!

Specially when you’ve had an exceptionally long day at work or you’ve hiked for hours and all you want to do is just crash. Imagine the most comfortable bed in the world, neat and tidy all ready for you to jump in, not too soft and not too hard - just like Goldilocks.

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