8 Simple Ways To Get Glowing Skin - From Head To Toe!

8 Simple Ways To Get Glowing Skin - From Head To Toe!

Getting your skin to glow doesn’t always have to be a tedious, time-consuming process. Because we are pressed for time, we often tend to neglect our skin, and sooner or later, it shows. With these express tricks, however, you can now get your skin to have a natural healthy glow.

1. Double cleanse

For The Face Wipe off any makeup and dirt particles using a makeup removing wipe or a baby wipe. Follow this up with face wash and use a cleansing brush to draw out any other impurities. This technique ensures that all residual dirt is thoroughly removed from the skin, which is then prepped to absorb all the skin care products well.

2. Use a loofah

For The Body 2 glowing skin Give the skin on your body a boost by using a loofah or scrub gloves in the shower. Use it with a creamy, rich body wash to avoid stripping the skin too much of its natural oils. Scrub gloves work best as they do a thorough job of exfoliating the tough body skin while stimulating blood flow. A loofah is better for sensitive skin types.

3. Use a mask

For The Face A face mask is the quickest way to unwind and give you a glowing skin. Pick one keeping in mind your skin type and concerns like treating acne, hydrating it, lifting or firming. You can even make these masks at home - like a fuller’s earth mask (for oily skin) or a honey and lemon mask (for dry, patchy skin). Also read: 5 Skincare Problems EVERY 20-Something Girl Faces… Solved!!

4. Steam

For The Face Steam opens up the pores and purges toxins from the skin through induced sweating. Use a facial steamer or just hot water with a few drops of lavender/ chamomile/ rose essential oil. These oils have skin-friendly properties which can be immensely helpful in treating problematic skin.

5. Moisturize

For The Body And Face 5 glowing skin Never skip moisturizing your face and body. Slather on some moisturizer within 3 minutes of stepping out of the shower/ washing your face to avoid the tight feeling on your skin. Incorporate oils into your routine to give your skin that healthy glow. Make sure you change your moisturizer depending on the weather.

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6. Dry brush

For The Body If you need a quick pick-me-up before you head out, dry brushing your body can come to your rescue. Quick, short strokes using a body brush, in an upward motion increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage. This exfoliates your skin without having to step into the shower and gives the skin a supple and glowy look. Also read: 11 Skin Care Secrets That Will *Change* Your Beauty Routine!

7. Soak your feet

For The Feet Soaking your feet in warm water infused with your favourite foot soak or essential oils can have an incredibly relaxing effect on your whole body. It softens the skin on the feet, making it easier to slough off those flaky bits. Slather on a rich foot cream afterwards and wear socks to let it sink it. If you’re heading out after this routine, wipe off any excess foot cream with a wet towel and you still have pretty and well-groomed feet to flaunt!

8. Hydrate

For The Body And Face 8 glowing skin Drink a tall glass of water as soon as you wake up and follow that up with a glass of lemon water. This instantly hydrates your system which has been deprived of water while you were asleep, kickstarts your metabolism, and gives your skin a hydrated glow in the long run. Make sure you drink 2-4 litres of water throughout the day to keep your skin plump and bouncy. Images: Shutterstock