Who’s Your “Bridal Brigade”? Here’s What To Ask Them To Do!

Who’s Your “Bridal Brigade”? Here’s What To Ask Them To Do!
If you’ve been planning your wedding for a while, you know how overwhelmed you are with all the work, and not to mention how nervous you feel about your D-Day. The good news is that there are always some family members who are willing to help you with various tasks for your wedding. So, make use of the help being offered to you, take a breather and delegate the tasks to your loved ones. Here’s a list of tasks for your family and friends.

1. For your fashionista friend

She has a great sense of style. Ask her to accompany you for your bridal outfit selection so that when you’re confused between two (or more) outfits for different ceremonies, you know she will help you out. Also, make sure she’s there with you when you get your makeup done. She’ll be blunt and honest, and you’ll thank her later!

2. For your brother who better follow all of the bride’s orders

Make your brother do all the legwork while you and your besties are busy preparing for the wedding. Ask your brother to pick and drop the guests to the airport or the station. And if you need help being driven around when the others are too busy with wedding work, as a last resort, you can even bribe him to drive you to the parlour if he refuses to do that! :P

2 duties for your bridal brigade

3. For your experienced elder sister

In all probability, she’s been there, done that! She’ll be your support system throughout the wedding and will keep you from biting your nails. Ask her to be by your side because you’re going to need her every now and then to guide you through the ceremonies. She should also filter the gossip going around as you definitely don’t want to hear from your distant relatives things like ‘daal kam pad gayi’ or ‘bas itna sa shaadi budget?!’

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4. For your younger sister

Make her do THE most important and fun thing - joota chhupai. Ask her to make a proper plan with your other siblings and cousins. They might even make a blueprint of the entire plan, who knows!!

4 duties for your bridal brigade

5. For your aunt who is a pro organizer at weddings

Well, you don’t really have to ask her to do anything as she’ll get into the typical ‘aunt mode’ automatically once the wedding ceremonies begin. To make your mother’s tasks easier, ask her to handle the shagun money and have her guide the younger ones through all the traditions and rituals.

6. For your uncle who loves to feed people

If you have an uncle who loves to feed people at every family occasion, he’s the right person to make sure everyone has food during all the ceremonies. Even if people do not want to eat, your uncle’s ‘aap ye khaalo’ and ‘arre aapne chicken nahi liya?’ is bound to make the guests give in and gorge on the yummy shaadi ka khaana.

6 duties for your bridal brigade

7. For your cousin who won’t do anything

The best task you can give your good-for-nothing cousin is to make him/ her take pictures on the phone. Selfies even! This will not only make them feel less bored, but you and your close friends and family will also get amazing profile pictures for whatsapp and facebook *grins*

8. For your talented friend

Now now, ask your talented bestie to give a spectacular performance at the sangeet. Somehow, it’s always a competition between the bride’s and the groom’s families when it comes to the performances. You want to put your best foot forward (pun intended), don’t you? Also, give her subtle hints that you want the best bachelorette ever! She’ll definitely follow through.

8 duties for your bridal brigade

9. For your uncle who loves socializing

He’s the life of every party so why not ask him to bring your wedding day to life as well?! Make him stand at the entrance and greet the guests, and after that’s done, ask him to make sure that everybody is entertained, has a drink and some food in hand, and is taken care of. We bet everybody will be on the stage dancing to hottest numbers of this season before you know it! *wink*

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10. For your ‘amateur’ photographer friend/ cousin

You want a certain shot of yourself when entering the venue, right? Ask your wannabe photographer friend to assist the photographer and videographer in getting these specific shots. After all, you get married only once and you deserve nice pictures from the big day!

10 duties for your bridal brigade

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