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7 Reasons Deepika Padukone Will Forever Be Our Girl Crush!

7 Reasons Deepika Padukone Will Forever Be Our Girl Crush!
She is a national level badminton player, former model, she’s currently one of Bollywood’s leading actors and soon to take over Hollywood as well. And to add to that, she is currently trending all over social media for her fierce portrayal in Nike’s “Da Da Ding” video alongside other badass athletes. Deepika Padukone is flawless... and we’re loving her! While it is easy to claim DP has led the charmed life, we often forget all the hardwork, time and effort she has invested to be where she is today (including fighting depression and heartbreak). And that’s why Deepika is an inspiration for millions of girls out there. Here are 8 reasons that make Deepika Padukone our girl crush forever!

1. She’s an athlete

While we know she’s a great actor, Deepika recently said herself that she is an athlete first. Crazy as her schedule might be, she has not let go of her love for sport – she regularly finds time for a game of baddie on sets, and that’s something we could all draw some inspiration from! While her profession requires her to stay fit, DP credits sport to much more – she cites it as the reason she’s grounded and able to handle success and failures so well in life. Totally inspires all of us to be unstoppable

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we love deepika

 2. Daddy’s girl...always!

Deepika is her daddy’s girl and we can totally relate to the feeling. The letter she read out as part of her acceptance speech at the 61st Filmfare Awards was a fine example of the kind of inspiration she derives from him. And why shouldn't she?                                                   Also Read: 60 Brilliant Quotes by Deepika Padukone

3. She's a brilliant actor

Let's start with what she is actually known for...her acting skills. Sure, she did not want to be an actor when she started off but she is undoubtedly doing very well (few can rival her success). If versatility was a person, then it would surely be Deepika for the kind of roles she has picked so far. From playing an uppity princess in Bajirao Mastani to being the geeky girl in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani to the idiosyncratic architect in Piku, DP makes it all seem effortless. deepika padukone 1 Image: Viral Bhayani

4. She taught us to fight our fears

DP made the world sit up and listen when she openly spoke about the depression she faced. She shattered all notions about actors leading a happy-go-lucky lifestyle and drew attention to a very serious issue - mental depression. The actor has, on multiple occasions, credited her dedication to workouts and sport and a strong family support system for helping her cope with her weaknesses.

5. She’s part of Bollywood’s 100 crore club!

Deepika’s been churning blockbuster after blockbuster ever since she made her debut opposite SRK. Not only do her movies do well, they have broken into the 100 crore club, a feat not many actors can boast of. The best part is, DP will soon be seen opposite Hollywood action hero, Vin  Diesel, in what is being pegged as her hottest look yet. Can you wait? Because we certainly can’t. Deepika padukone Image: Viral Bhayani

6. A boyfriend who adores the floor you walk on? SURE!

We can excuse DP for everything, but it’s hard not to be jealous of her boyfriend. He’s simply purrrrrfeeeect! The way he looks at her, the way they do everything together and they way they holiday - we can’t help but drool and sigh at the same time. These two are constantly giving us #RelationshipGoals.

7. She’s so fit!

Not only can she play baddie like a boss, but her prowess in the gym is no mean feat. Don’t believe us? Just google Deepika’s gym routine video from IIFA, or check out her latest Instagram video where she’s doing some killer push-ups and has thrown us a challenge to get off our butts and get moving. Are you game? we love deepika1 *This is a sponsored post for Nike. Download the Nike+ Running App and the Nike+ Training App to start moving or register for a session at the Nike Running Club or Nike+ Training Club if you’re in Mumbai. #justdoit