Confessions Of A Girl Who Was Very Nervous About Her First Time

Confessions Of A Girl Who Was Very Nervous About Her First Time
You know those girly gossip sessions during which everyone shares their between-the-sheets secrets? When we get to hear whose boyfriend did what in bed, and how unexpectedly amazing he was? Well, I couldn’t really contribute much to this chat because I was a virgin then, and err… So was my boyfriend. And we were both nervous AF about it.

We used to make out quite often, but somehow never went all the way. Maybe because we didn’t have a place private enough to do that. So, one day, after hesitating for a long time, he and I decided to ask one of his friends to vacate his room (which was in his own apartment) for us. He willingly let us have his room and made sure we didn’t feel conscious about it all. My boyfriend and I were very excited about finally have a private space for ourselves, but we both were quite nervous as well.

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Once we got into the room, in no time at all, the hot makeout session began. One thing lead to another and as we were about to go ahead, I saw a huge lizard on the ceiling and screamed! My boyfriend was shocked at how in the middle of all of that, I opened my eyes, saw the lizard and screamed so loudly. It was clearly a buzzkill and thanks to a lizard, our first try was a fail! Once my boyfriend had tackled the reptile and shooed it out of the room, we decided to start over.

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Guess what was the obstacle the second time around? I know that not everyone experiences pain when their boyfriend penetrates them, but I did, and quite a bad one at that. And as hard as I tried to let it all continue, my boyfriend could see that I was in pain, and stopped on his own. We figured that that day was probably not “the day”, and that because we both were so new to sex, he didn’t know a way for it to happen in a way that it cause me less pain, and I didn’t know any tricks either.

After this incident, my boyfriend and I decided to make our “real” first time an occasion. We were both in the jobs sector and decided to save some part of our salaries for 2-3 months and book a room at a nice hotel and make our first time worth the wait.

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After a long and tough wait, the day finally arrived! We checked into the fancy hotel. We started with a nice shower together to set the mood, had a good dinner, and then it was time. We both looked at each other, and could tell that by then, the not-so-great first try wasn’t something that was bothering either of us. I don’t know if it was the extensive research we both did in those three months or just the way it naturally happened – everything just fell in place. It was PERFECT. It was as though we both were experienced in this! :P Of course, there was some “sweet pain”, but it was definitely a very good feeling too. That fear of both of us not enjoying it to the fullest because it was a first for both of us was actually baseless. Well, all I can say it, when the chemistry is there, there is nothing to fear, girls.

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