10 Career Options If You’re Studying Mass Comm (Not Just PR!)

10 Career Options If You’re Studying Mass Comm (Not Just PR!)

For eons now, mass communication, journalism and the entire media-sphere have been the prime source of news and entertainment. If this is intriguing for you and you want to pursue a course in mass communication, journalism or media studies and have wondered what you have in store if you get into this line, then this is a list you should definitely read. With a degree in mass communication, the career possibilities are limitless. However, it is important to first break down the course electives into four main branches: Journalism, Public Relations (PR), Advertising and Audio and Video Production. So, now that we have that sorted out let’s talk about what you can do with that course.

1. You can be a journalist

While at some point of time, print media was the biggest form of mass media, the trend is slowly changing and paving way for electronic media (with the way the world is advancing it shouldn’t come as a surprise if in ten years’ time everything in India too went digital). Through journalism you can be a journalist and learn how to get to the root of news. Or, writers that cater to a specific niche and gradually progress into editing.

1 Pursue mass communication

2. You can get into graphic designing

If what appeals to you is the general layout of a page (because appearances and layouts matter so much), then you have that option too. Most of us get our daily news from the digital front, so there is no denying how much scope there is in this line of work. Even in print media, the layout still makes a huge difference.

3. You can get involved in the public relations sphere

Once you start working for a media house you will realise that at every step of the way, you will have to deal with a lot of people, inside and outside of work. If you enjoy meeting and interacting with people, if connecting with people to do something that matters interests you then you can do just that. There are certain jobs that fall under this category like business analysis, communication officer or documentation officers and you can even get into event management, etc.

3 Pursue mass communication

4. You can get into advertising

The world of advertising is a very vast but a very interesting one. Since advertising comes in so many forms, you can have a lot to choose from. Since all forms of advertisement is divided into three forms Above The Line (ATL), Below The Line (BTL) and Through The Line (TTL), it is for you to decide where your skills could come of best use.You can again get into designing, into copy-writing, into social media marketing, into dealing with business houses and partnering with them and dealing directly with the clients.

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5. You can get into audio production

Through this you can get into music production, you can become a sound engineer, a sound technician, a production assistant and in your own sweet time you can also think about being the owner of your own music studio.

5 pursue mass communication

6. You can get into video production

Like with audio production, there is so much you can do and possible even more. A degree in mass comm will first off teach you how to make a documentary and then how one can go about making short films. It becomes easier to decide once you learn the basics. Take a walk into cinematography and videography and you will learn much that goes behind the scenes or even if you want to be in front of the camera - you can try your hands at being a television correspondent too.

7. You can be a photographer

Well, need we say more? If we do, let’s take this time to point out just how extensive and all-inclusive a course on mass communication is. It leaves no stone unturned.

7 pursue mass communication

8. You can be an all-in-one freelancer

Well, why not? The course will have taught you how to write, to advertise, to reach out to the masses in every way possible. Basically, with all the points that have been mentioned above, you would make one fine freelancer.

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9. You can teach

Once you have specialized in one of the four core areas, you can teach other young and budding students all that you have learned and put to to practical use. Sharing knowledge is a beautiful thing and who knows, you could in turn learn a thing or two from your students.

9 pursue mass communication

10. The subtle job opportunities that arise out of the course

For example, as a student you will be required to learn about world history, you can do something in that field. Students will also be required to learn about economics and how money works, so there you go, you can find work in that division too. You just have to keep your eyes and your mind open.

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Top Universities in India for Mass Communication:

  1. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

  2. AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

  3. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

  4. Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC), Mumbai

  5. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore

  6. Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune

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