12 Career Options If You’ve Done History, Socio Or Pol. Science

12 Career Options If You’ve Done History, Socio Or Pol. Science

India has had a very diverse view on humanities as a subject. While for a long time it was looked down upon, it has now gained prevalence and in fact, a large number of students prefer to opt for it right from school days. What follows studying arts at primary level is a B.A (Hons) degree. But then what? What do you do after? Humanities itself is further divided into different subjects and while you see many going for Economics, three subjects that are often left behind are - History, Political Science and Sociology. The good and bad thing about a career in these subjects is that you don’t have one specific or obvious option like you do with engineering, medical, B.Com or even economics honours but you have wide variety of things you can do after the degree in the social sciences.

Here are a few options that you can explore if you are pursuing your degree in History, Political Science or Sociology!

1. History Honours

a. Journalism and Mass Communication

Journalism and Mass Communication is one stream which is not restricted to just History. People from any course and any stream can take it up and do well - even though a background in History does give you an edge. As a journalism student you further have several streams to explore - documentary making, reporting, lifestyle journalism. Various options to suit your interests and personal style. Read here to know, in detail, the various options that Journalism and Mass Communication has in store.

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b. Museum Curator

If you are studying history as your undergrad, you are familiar with all the class trips to museums around your city. Well, if you love the ambience and amazing artefacts of a museum, you can actually become a museum curator yourself. Your historical knowledge is a huge plus while taking up this path. As a museum curator you will be dealing directly with the collection of artefacts, their display, research on various different artefacts and objects and provide information to the general public. Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Mumbai and National Museum Institute in Delhi offer Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s degree for the same!

1b career options after BA Hons

c. Art Restorer

Remember Deepika Padukone from Love Aaj Kal? What she did for a living is what an art restorer/conservationist does. The basic job is to restore and preserve already existing works of art like painting, sculptures and monuments which have been damaged or deteriorated. But as basic as it sounds, the job requires utmost amount of historical knowledge and precision. The National Museum Institute in Delhi offers a full time Master’s degree in art conservation.

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d. Library and Information Scientist

Why should the engineering students have all the science? If you love both history, science and reading then this job is for you! The job of a librarian (in layman’s terms) is now further divided as well. You have designations like Documentation Officer, Information Officer, Director of Library Services, Information Analyst among others. There is a full fledged department of library and informations science under Delhi university, offering both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

1d career options after BA Hons

2. Political Science Honours

a. Public Affairs Research Analyst

The job of a Public Affairs Research Analyst is to aid the economic decision makers at both public and private firms in deciding where to put their money by providing them information on the socio-economic and political environment of the company and abroad! The analyst also tries to keep sustainable development as his or her prime focus. Read here to know more about Public Affairs as a concept.

b. Budget Analysts

If you are also great with numbers then why stop at just research? Political science students make great budget analysts because they draw their budget related advice on not just economic factors but also based on the social and political factors of any company and its target audience.

2b career options after BA Hons

c. Political Scientists

Political scientists have been known, all through history, to develop theories for the general public. Your job as a political scientist is to be well versed in political theories of the past and present in order to create better ones for the future. You collect data from public surveys and discussion results to create and forecast political and social trends for your company. Political scientists are a very important part of any great business today making it easier for the company to develop their strategy.

d. International Relations

International Relations (IR) has actually become quite a trend among students of Political Science. After your B.A you can do a Master’s degree in International Relations which in turn gives you the opportunity to work in either a government job or even an international job with organisations like United Nations. However, IR is an extremely broad stream and requires great amount of research and general knowledge. Master’s in IR is offered across India at various universities like Jadavpur University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Christ University, Symbiosis School Of International Studies and South Asian University.

2d career options after BA Hons

3. Sociology Honours

a. Paralegal

Paralegals are different from lawyers in the sense that they work under the supervision of a lawyer as his administrative and advisory body. So you organise and document all the important events, interview clients. This is perfect for all those people who want to be part of the judicial system but don’t wish to become lawyers. This profession, however, is not as developed in India as it is abroad. Indira Gandhi National Open University provides a Diploma in Paralegal Practices for a year in India. b. PR Workers Public Relations is a wide growing strata. From Non-Profit organisations to large scale advertising agencies, everyone, soughts a great PR worker and there are special PR agencies to provide them with just that! As someone with a greater knowledge of human society, this is something you might really excel at.

3b career options after BA Hons

c. Public Welfare Social Worker

Always wanted to give back to the society? Now you can! As a Public Welfare Social Worker you will have to curate benefits for those in need in the public sector and create an air of self-sufficiency in the client in order to reduce the cost of these benefits. It will do you well to do a Master’s in Social Work in order to gain practical knowledge through field work. In India, you have Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Jamia Millia Islamia which are among the best for social work.

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d. Therapists

While a degree in psychology might be the traditional route to becoming a therapist, counsellors and therapists come from various different backgrounds. If you feel you have great interpersonal, critical thinking and communication skills then this is just might be the right path for you!

3d career options after BA Hons

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