Wedding Decor Ideas That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are!

Wedding Decor Ideas That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are!
Even before our wedding date is fixed, we start searching the Internet and looking at beautiful pictures of wedding decor on Pinterest. We start creating mood boards, are fully convinced that we want our décor to be just the same as the picture we’re drooling over. However, we get a reality check when we actually start planning our wedding - we realize the amount of money that is being spent on the venue, food, clothes, invites, gifts and, of course, the decor! Thus, to make life easier for you, we have some awesome décor ideas which cost less but surely look expensive and luxe.

1. Quality over quantity

1 wedding decor ideas

Embrace simplicity and keep the number of wedding functions as low as possible. The more functions you have, the more money needs to be spent on the décor. Getting minimalistic twig work done gives your event design an edge above the usual floral decor at a wedding venue.

Image: Pretty Much Décor On Instagram

2. Use embroidery hoops

2 wedding decor ideas

Remember the embroidery hoops used by our grandmothers? Well, they can be used now to create a Parisian look at your wedding. You could use sequin or lace fabrics to add a twist to the hoops. This will look offbeat and beautiful.

Image: Devika Narain On Instagram

3. Light up your decor

3 wedding decor ideas

It is more economical to use bulbs over fairy lights. The effect of multiple bulbs hanging will make it look magical and would light up your function too.

Image: Devika Narain On Instagram

4. Parandis hangings

4 wedding decor ideas

Parandis add a pop of colour to your function. They are cheap and easily available in the market, and are one of the most popular wedding décor items.

Image: Abhinav Bhagat Events On Instagram

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5. Back to the blackboard

5 wedding decor ideas

Go back to your childhood days and bring out the blackboards. Rather than buying those expensive frames, place chalkboards all around the venue and write sweet messages on them.

Image: Shutterstock

6. Brass urlis

6 wedding decor ideas

With its rustic feel, brass just adds a traditional vibe to wedding décor. We have enough brass vessels in our homes which can be stuffed with flowers and used as table centrepieces too.

Image: Rani Pink Love On Instagram

7. An air of elegance

7 wedding decor ideas

Who says balloons are just for kids’ birthday parties? Buy translucent balloons and fill them up with glitter. They will shine throughout the evening and would be a cheap yet classy décor item for your functions. You could also make balloon buntings by sticking small balloons into a chain and hanging them.

Image: Rani Pink Love On Instagram

8. Glitter glitter

8 wedding decor ideas

Glitter can instantly brighten up your evening at a low cost, although the use of glitter needs to be kept to minimum. For instance, you can buy rose gold glitter sequinned table cloth in bulk from the market and dress up your evening. It is chic, classy, fun and absolutely gorgeous!

Image: Shutterstock

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9. Old crates

9 wedding decor ideas

Don’t let the crates of all the beer bottles go to waste. Instead use them as part of your function decor by stacking them up and filling them with beautiful plants and flowers!

Image: Abhinav Bhagat Events On Instagram

10. Colourful rangoli

10 wedding decor ideas

The cheapest yet one of the most impressive decor ideas for weddings. You could make an intricate rangoli at the entrance of your function and even add some glitter to it to make it look even more gorgeous!

Image: Abhinav Bhagat Events On Instagram

11. Pretty up with ribbons

11 wedding decor ideas

To avoid using fancy seat covers which usually have people pay high rent for them, opt for ribbons. Tie beautiful wide ribbons on the back of your chairs to add elegance to the décor.

Image: Shutterstock

12. Candlelight magic

12 wedding decor ideas

Off season flowers can sometimes really add to the cost of your wedding decor. A smart and cost-effective alternative is candles or diyas. Setting up stands with candles and diyas throughout your wedding venue will make it look gorgeous!

Image: Devika Narain On Instagram

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