#BeautyDiaries: What I Use Instead Of Face Wash For Clear Skin!

#BeautyDiaries: What I Use Instead Of Face Wash For Clear Skin!

Although I am not a very pro-makeup, parlor-going, manicured and pedicured kind of girl, I do have a special love for my skin and I make sure I pamper it as and when I can. Until a few years ago, I was an ardent user of face washes and for the longest time I did not realize that my skin was changing, but not in a good way. It was as if my skin had developed mood swings of its own. Patches of dryness randomly appeared on my face and so did whiteheads. It went from bad to worse whenever I switched cities for my job and even purely herbal face washes did not seem to make the situation any better.

It was quite clear that I needed a change of cleansing routine. But what? I wasn’t using much on my face - just a face wash/soap and a moisturizer. It was then that I decided to give up using any chemicals on my face, including face washes, and stopped using face wash. My skin is oily and because of this I frequently need to wash my face. Only now, I started using Multani Mitti instead of any kind of soap. Internal stopped using face wash

Every time I wash my face, I take a couple of pinches of Multani Mitti, mix it with a few drops of water and gently scrub my face with it. Once a day I also mix a small pinch of dried and ground neem leaves in Multani Mitti and water mixture and wash my face with it. The neem granules gently exfoliate my skin and harmlessly remove any kind of impurities. It felt somewhat weird at first, the lack of lather made me feel as if I hadn’t washed my face as well I should. But after I was done washing it off, I could feel and see the difference. It felt so soft and clean!

On weekends when I have time to spare, I add a few drops of lemon to my homemade face wash and convert it into a facepack by letting it rest on my skin for 10-15 minutes. Lemon takes care of lightning and brightening my skin naturally so I don’t have to bother myself with multiple creams either.

My skin has undoubtedly got a new lease of life ever since I have given up using face wash/soap on my face. I have not had any major pimple breakouts, dryness or excessive oiliness on my face. My skin has become smoother and feels softer. And the best part is, I am not subjecting it to any harsh chemicals.

Turns out it never hurts to give nature a chance. It seldom fails.

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