16 Pretty Toe Rings For The Bride To Be - You’ll Fall In Love!

16 Pretty Toe Rings For The Bride To Be - You’ll Fall In Love!
A tiny accessory, but an important one for all would-be brides is the toe ring - or the bichhiya, as they are popularly called! Not only do they look gorgeous, they even click beautifully in those candid shots of the bride’s feet. For those brides whose accessorizing for the wedding day is incomplete without this foot adornment, here are 16 beautiful toe rings to choose from!

1. Green With Envy

1 beautiful toe rings

A statement pair of toe rings that will complement your bridal henna, the pear shape along with intricate work and the green stone in the centre is made for you.

Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

2. The Floral Pair

2 beautiful toe rings

When flowers is what you love, this gorgeous pair of toe rings is for you. The red stoned beauty looks stunning and speaks your bridal vibe out loud.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

3. Pearly Gold

3 beautiful toe rings

Pearls always add radiance to your vibrant personality, and wearing them even on your toes is a great idea. This oval shaped toe ring is simple, yet so classy.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

4. The Paisley Shine

4 beautiful toe rings

A sparkling pair of toe rings, these inverted pear shaped rings are going to shine bright sitting on your toes every time you lift that lehenga to walk.

Price: Rs 699. Buy it here.

5. The Dazzling Duo

5 beautiful toe rings

This interesting duo of enamel studded toe rings are reminding us of the intricacies of art. It’s what they call reading between the lines for details!

Price: Rs 144. Buy it here.    

6. Round And Round

6 beautiful toe rings

If you are the woman who likes to keep things not very elaborate, and yet display some sheen, this ringlet team is for you. It’ll add some metallic grace to your mehendi laden feet.

Price: Rs 299. Buy it here.

7. Circles And Colours

7 beautiful toe rings

The carefully planted red and green stones look gracious on your toes. If your necklace and earrings are simple and non-fussy, this pair would look lovely with them

Price: Rs 276. Buy it here.  

8. Dot-To-Dot Magic

8 beautiful toe rings

When you are the kind of a woman who likes to keep things straightforward, and don’t want to get caught in a maze, you’d pick this one - simple stones mounted at the end of linear metal, and so elegant.

Price: Rs 1,785. Buy it here.

9. The Stony Affair!

9 beautiful toe rings

Perfect to match your diamond and gold set, this stone ornamented pair is the one for you. It’s got an uncomplicated design to blend in easily.

Price: Rs 232. Buy it here.

10. Pretty Patterned Pieces

10 beautiful toe rings

This lovingly decorated toe ring set reminds us of the fineries in life. It has got beautiful elements that will add glamour to your feet instantly.

Price: Rs 279. Buy it here.    

11. Green Floral Drama

11 beautiful toe rings

Every bride deserves to be adorned with flowers and all things nice. This green petalled stunner is for the flower-loving girl.

Price: Rs 277. Buy it here.

12. Bright Like A Diamond

12 beautiful toe rings

This delicate pair of 14 kt gold and silver toe ring set is suitable for every girl who wants to wear minimal jewellery. It’s like a dream!

Price: Rs 1,920. Buy it here.

13. Square Stare

13 beautiful toe rings

Some geometric shaped jewels are in order to break the monotony of jewellery that always has a soft edge. This pair has a sweet purple stone at the centre that’s making our hearts melt.

Price: Rs 900. Buy it here.

14. Silver Linings

14 beautiful toe rings

If you are going for the silver look, this zircon and stones combination should be your choice. It’s got an elaborate arrangement that looks grand.

Price: Rs 864. Buy it here.

15. The Royal Set

15 beautiful toe rings

These pretty toe rings will match your exquisite temple jewellery well. It’s got an amazing design that is like no other, special like you.

Price: Rs 300. Buy it here.

16. Daisies Galore

16 beautiful toe rings

This easy-going yet attractive pair of toe rings has won our hearts. It’s not just for the bride, but also for the girl who wants to wear this on an everyday basis.

Price: Rs 1,398. Buy it here.

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