Plan B for wedding disasters

Plan B! 7 Wedding Day “Disasters” You Must Always Prepare For

Sakshi Budhraja

Junior Beauty Editor

No matter how much you plan, and how hard you toil to make sure that all the wedding ceremonies go off smoothly, and that your hospitality team and its skills are at their brilliant best – unforeseen disasters do happen at weddings, ladies. Read on to know what you need to be prepared for, so you can efficiently handle anything that comes your way unexpectedly during the wedding time. And for such situations, we give you an equally good Plan B.

1. Rain-rain go away, come again another day

Your wedding is not happening in the season of rains and the weather forecast says the day will be dry as a bone. This doesn’t mean you don’t keep a back-up in case of a sudden rain shower. Ask you event planner/ designer to have waterproof tenting facility in place in case of unseasonal rain that could play spoilsport at wedding.

1 Plan B for wedding disasters

2. Guests who don’t RSVP and land up during the festivities

You sent out your save-the-dates in time, followed by the wedding invite. This gave the guests enough time to RSVP and make bookings to attend your wedding. You had your headcount in place, and gave the numbers to the venue management and caterers exactly as they were. WRONG! Always keep a buffer. If you’re expecting 250 guests, make provision for at least 300. This will keep you on the safe side and ensure that the venue doesn’t get too cramped, and that there is enough food and drinks for all the guests.

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3. The drunk uncle who becomes too loud, or the grumpy aunt who plays party pooper

All is going well. Everyone’s well looked after and having a great time, until your drunk uncle becomes a bit too loud and the talk of the party. Or it could be the grumpy aunt who felt she isn’t getting enough attention, so she decides to speak her mind and play party pooper. Have some responsible relative or friend take care of this. The uncle/ aunt can be escorted back to their hotel room/ home or can be handled with tact in a way that suits the situation.

4. Guests stuck in never-ending traffic jams and the subsequent delay in the ceremony

It’s wedding season, and this is likely to happen. Don’t delay the ceremonies too much as you wait for more people to arrive before you begin. This will only have a ripple effect and everything getting delayed isn’t something you’ll be happy about. Also, some family members and friends should leave for the venue earlier than needed, to ensure that the hosts are there to welcome the guests.

4 Plan B for wedding disasters

5. The groom’s friends who delay the baaraat and make you wait for hours!

Delaying the entry of the groom is something many youngsters/ groom’s friends consider as a responsibility resting on their shoulders. They’re celebrating the groom’s last few moments of being single, after all. These friends need to be warned a few days prior to the wedding, ladies. This way, you won’t have to wait for hours in your heavy lehenga and watch your makeup wear off as your mood goes south.

6. The bridal lehenga/ blouse zip that snaps at the wrong time!

A zip on the bridal blouse or lehenga might give it a more finished and neat look. However, zips aren’t always fully reliable. So, all brides-to-be, take it from us – opt for hooks instead. Yes, these could snap too, given how heavy your outfit is. But it’s not like all 5 or 6 of them will give way, is it? You’ll thank us later. :-)

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7. When delays end up pushing two ceremony timings too close to each other, and you barely have time to get ready!

This tends to happen on the morning of the wedding. You have a haldi/ bhaat/ chooda ceremony late morning or early afternoon that eats into your hair and makeup time for the wedding. So here’s some handy advice for all brides-to-be - once the ceremony is over, grab a quick bite and take your leave from all the guests present at the ceremony. It will not look rude or out of place because everyone knows that bridal makeup and draping takes time. So, be smart, ladies.

7 Plan B for wedding disasters

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Published on Aug 30, 2016
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