10 Sorta Awkward Things About Having Sex With Someone New!

10 Sorta Awkward Things About Having Sex With Someone New!
When you have sex with someone new, it’s like doing it for the first time, all over again. Yes, it’s exciting, but it also leaves room for a lot more awkward stuff to happen. Here are 10 things that happen when you have sex with a new partner...

1. You rush to the washroom to inspect your breath and um, your hair growth situation...

And if time permits, you brush your teeth and spray on some perfume ‘coz you want him to think you are fabulous, naturally.

sex with a new partner 1

2. You practise his name out loud a few times…

So that in the moment, you don’t say an ex’s name!

3. Performance comparisons happen of their own accord, in your head.

There is seriously no escaping them. For your sake, we really do hope that he is better than your ex.

sex with a new partner 3

4. You wonder if it’s too early to ask him to do “that” thing you love in bed...

You continuously hope that your “kink” levels match.

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5. You try to figure out what his sex sounds actually mean!

“Um, is he enjoying it, or is he crying out in pain? Should I stop or not??”

sex with a new partner 5

6. You live through farts and other little (huge) embarrassments!

Although you try to keep them in check, some things are just beyond human control!

7. You pull out your best moves!

‘Coz you want him to remember this night as the best sex he’s ever had.

7 - sex with a new partner

8. You wonder if he liked “it” as much as you did...

Or if he’s had better... Oh, the horror!

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9. To cuddle or not to cuddle - that’s the top question on your mind post sex.

“What if he is the kind who loves his space and thinks I am just being clingy? Whatever, cuddling never killed anyone.” *Cuddles and falls asleep*

9 - sex with a new partner

10. And the morning after, you wait to see what he has to say about last night…

“Time to treat my ears, my dear.”

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