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10 AWESOME Weekend Getaways You Can Plan From Delhi!

10 AWESOME Weekend Getaways You Can Plan From Delhi!

The long weekend is almost upon us and along with that the pressure to let loose and head out of the city for a blissful vacation is there too! If you are confused about where you want to go, simply take a look at this list and narrow your options down.

1. Gwalior

1 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 338km approx Known for its beautiful and intricately built palaces and forts, Gwalior is a sight to behold. You can start the day off by going to the Indian Coffee House for a delicious breakfast and then you can hop on to a yellow bus (run by MP Tourism) for a Gwalior Darshan. The next day you can visit all of Gwalior’s iconic forts and palaces. While the night is still young (or old for that matter), enjoy your stay by visiting the HQ Bar inside the Gwalior Regency. Image: Shutterstock

2. Manali

2 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 552 km approx Yes, yes Manali is on every other list but that is because a list if never complete without Manali being on it. We could write a book about what one could do in Manali but trust us, if you haven’t been there, just pack your bags and go. If you’ve already been there, just pack your bags and go anyway. The majestic mountains, the hiking trails, the peaceful banks of the Beas river, the yummy food and most importantly - the people. The people are so wonderful there. If you want an excellent place to stay there, complete with a view of the mountains, then you should definitely look for The Manali Lodge. Image: Shutterstock

3. Jaipur

3 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 268 km approx Think desert but not in the desolate kind of way because Jaipur has so much to offer. The best part is that July to September is one of the best times to visit Jaipur. Besides the forts and palaces to marvel at, there are many other things that you can do like a desert safari, jeep rides, camel safari, hot air ballooning! Seriously, why are you still reading this list? Just go already! Image: Shutterstock Also read: 17 Things You’ll Get if You’re From NCR But NOT Delhi!

4. Bir

4 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 517 km approx If all you are looking for is peace of mind and spirituality, then this is exactly the place for you. Bir is famous for being a centre for spiritual studies. Not only does Bir boast of lush green views, it is also home to many Tibetans who have sought refuge there. Hence, the beautiful Tibetan architecture and stupas that you can find there. Once you’re done relaxing, you can engage in adventure sports like paragliding and hang-gliding. If you’re not into sports just go for long, peaceful treks. Image: Shutterstock

5. Achrol

5 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 240 km approx Achrol is located in Rajasthan and for some reason is very under-rated. To go to Achrol is to go back to nature, live in the woods and be one with your surroundings. It is a place for someone who is always high on energy as it offers so many things to do. You can go biking or to the nature gym or show off your archery skills and then enjoy an outdoor movie screening. Is there anything that Achrol doesn’t offer? We don’t think so. Image: Makemytrip

6. Bhimtal

6 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 308 km approx Let’s take a trip to Uttarakhand and comfortably settle at Bhimtal, shall we? Named after Bhima (Mahabharata), Bhimtal is a beautiful lake that stretches out as far as your eye can see. If you think that this place has nothing much to offer, you are surely mistaken. Bhimtal is not just for all you water babies out there but it also boasts of the most beautiful forests, plus, you can easily visit Nainital too! Image: Makemytrip

7. Kangra

7 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 455 km approx It would appear that all the wonderful places to visit lie in Himachal Pradesh... We can sulk and be jealous of its inhabitants later, but for now as the long weekend is upon us, let’s explore Kangra, shall we? Kangra is famous for three main things - larger than life tea estates, religious heritage and aero sports. While there, don’t forget to check out the Kangra Fort as it is one of the oldest forts in India. Image: Shutterstock Also read: 10 Things You’ll ONLY Get If You’ve Just Moved To Delhi!

8. Dhanaulti

8 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 325 km approx Pack your trekking gear and don’t look back as Dhanaulti eagerly awaits your arrival. Situated between Chamba and Missouri, this place offers peace and the best views ever! If snow-capped mountains are your thing, then you need not look any further than Dhanaulti. Image: Makemytrip

9. Landour

9 Weekend getaways near Delhi (Distance from Delhi - 327 km) Let’s go to Uttarakhand again but this time, go to Landour! Because, why not? Here’s something you should definitely do in Landour - go to Lal Tibba and watch the sky change colour and leave you in awe, go to every other eatery and eat momos - especially at Domas and don’t forget to walk the Chakkar! Image: Makemytrip

10. Neemrana

10 Weekend getaways near Delhi Distance from Delhi - 145 km approx If you are looking to travel less than four hours then this is the ideal place for you. The Neemrana Fort Palace is just other-worldly and one can’t stop admiring all its marvellousness. First things first, explore what the cultural heritage has to offer. After the fort, go to Baori, trust us you won’t be disappointed. Then go zip lining (woohoo!) and finally go shopping because Neemrana shopping yells of authentic (though often overpriced) handicrafts! Image: Shutterstock
Published on Aug 5, 2016
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