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All Your Scary Questions About Marriage - Answered!

All Your Scary Questions About Marriage - Answered!
We get that marriage is a big deal. In fact, if you have questions about marriage and life after marriage – it only means you are on the right track. You are thinking beyond the wedding festivities and honeymoon and shopping, which actually goes to show that you are a sensible person who’s truly analyzing the course your life might take.

As usual, we are here to hold your hand and take you through everything. We promise to help answer every last query you have, all the while keeping it super real and without sugar-coating anything.

1. Does it really change your life?

Yes, it does. But you have to acknowledge a few things:

a) It changes your life in good ways too.

b)  How much your life changes depends on a lot of factors. For example: are you moving cities? Is your husband a supportive guy? Have you been honest about your expectations from marriage, etc.

c) This change will seem big at first, but before you know it – it may just seem like it’s the new normal.

2. Are in-laws always difficult to deal with?

Truthfully, no. We have seen that a lot of in-laws today are adjusting and understanding people. Their generation has seen their own struggles with their in-laws and because of that they try to be liberal, so that your experience will not be tough like theirs.

2 questions about marriage

3. Can you really manage to still enjoy life?

To that I’m going to answer with a very big HELL YA! Of course you should still enjoy life. You are getting married – that is, you now have a partner to enjoy your life with. Don’t even for a second think that your fun days are over.

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4. Do you have to change your identity?

You don’t. You don’t even have to change your last name. It is not legally required of you.

4 questions about marriage

5. Do you and your husband fall into a monotonous routine?

It should be your absolute aim that the two of you don’t become a boring couple. It’s up to the two of you to keep the spark alive. The only routine you should follow is that of surprises and dates and lots of sex! Nothing monotonous about that, we promise.

6. Do you have to start adulting the day you get married?

Okay, let me break it to you here – I don’t think we ever truly adult. We are all just grown-up people who pretend to be calm, confident, and wing our way through situations that are unfamiliar.

6 questions about marriage

7. Does your career suffer sooner or later?

Your career suffers only and only when you choose to take things easy or slack off. If you’ve always been a driven, ambitious person – then promise us you won’t just use marriage as an excuse to let go of that drive!

Nothing in life worth having ever comes easily – so never forget that! To keep up your career, you will have to hustle. Marriage is no excuse to get out of that. If your career suffers, it’s only because you let it. We have enough and more great examples of boss ladies who have built great careers alongside families all around us, and we take inspiration from them every single day.

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8. Do you still get to hang out with your friends?

Why not? It’s marriage – not prison. Please continue to make your plans and see your friends as often as possible!

8 questions about marriage

9. Do you need to dress differently after marriage?

You should dress as you please – no matter what stage of life you are in. We know some girls who have chosen to dress more conservatively after marriage and that’s their own choice. We don’t believe marriage comes with a dress code and we can tell you from personal experience that it hasn’t changed a thing for some of us.

10. Do you have to wave your own family goodbye?

We are big believers in the fact that your own family deserves your time and attention as much as your new family does. So make sure that the guy you’re marrying knows that you are not going to just kiss your family goodbye and never look back. That’s archaic and ridiculous and you mustn’t agree to do that.

10 questions about marriage

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