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The *Prettiest* Kurtis To Buy This Week - For Rs 500 Or Less!

The *Prettiest* Kurtis To Buy This Week - For Rs 500 Or Less!

Kurtis are an everyday college/office wear essential. They probably occupy a big chunk of space in your closet, but you love them and can't let them go - especially printed kurtis, they’re fun, comfy and really go with your jeans, leggings, jeggings...practically everything. Here are some of our favourites, all under 500. We’ve scooped out the best deals for you!

1. Dreaming in beige

1 affordable printed kurti We love this beige printed kurti that looks so fresh, summery and airy when you wear it. It’s a treat to the eyes!
Price: Rs 319. Buy it here.

2. Colour clash

2 affordable printed kurtis Beautiful, bright and a true clash of colours. This one will surely turn some heads wherever you go! Price: Rs 319. Buy it here.

3. Shibori hues

3 affordable printed kurtis A subtle colour contrasted kurti with a bright pink hue. Pair it with formal pants or distressed denims to tweak the look according to your mood! Price: Rs 449. Buy it here.

4. Colour blocking

4 affordable printed kurtis The colour blocking trend never really goes away. This printed kurti has the right mix of print and plain fabric that makes it an amazingly unique buy! Price: Rs 359. Buy it here.

5. Festive fever

5 affordable printed kurtis A little bit of golden along with a bright colour makes this kurti the right one to wear for any festive occasion. It’s traditional, ethnic and looks beautiful! Price: Rs 450. Buy it here.

6. Aztec inspo!

6 affordable printed kurtis A dash of aztec print on the lower half of this kurti makes it look fun and it will help you fight those boring blues. We’re totally diggin’ this one! Price: Rs 489. Buy it here.

7. Peplum style

7 affordable printed kurtis This ethnic kurti looks like a peplum top and has a traditional print that resembles the dance costumes of Rajasthan. It’s quite a fusion.
Price: Rs 400. Buy it here.

8. Anti-silhouette

8 affordable printed kurtis This print adds a mod twist to the traditional kurti. Add a headband for a boho-chic vibe. Price: Rs 499. Buy it here.

9. Monochrome coding

9 affordable printed kurtis Something about the colours black and white together is always exciting. They’re both classic colours that make such a great combo. Price: Rs 349. Buy it here.

10. The colour pop

10 affordable printed kurtis This light coloured kurti with the perfect contrast pants is sure to bring a spring to your step. Price: Rs 279. Buy it here.

11. Minimal Magic

11 affordable printed kurtis This piece is modern, minimal and really classy. You can totally wear this to college or work with shoulder grazing earrings or give it a corporate spin by pairing it with simple studs and formal footwear. Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

12. Lemony greens

12 affordable printed kurtis This kurti is what you need to brighten up your mood on a Monday morning. Pair it with a bright bag for a really fun look. Price: Rs 399. Buy it here.

13. Little bit of bandhini

13 affordable printed kurtis This bright kurti has a Rajasthani touch to it, especially with the traditional bandhini print on it! We can’t wait to wear it already!
Price: Rs 439. Buy it here.

14. Get trippin’

14 affordable printed kurtis Wear this for its trippy, psychedelic print and the cut of the kurti. It looks super cute and can be paired with jeggings or a patiala salwar! Price: Rs 494. Buy it here.

15. Hazy purples

15 affordable printed kurtis This lovely kurti is ideal for daily wear. Just add a fun traditional bag and you’re set to be the ethnic queen! Price: Rs 288. Buy it here. Get ready to flaunt a fabulous print for every mood!
Published on Aug 28, 2016
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