12 AMAZING Bath Sets For The Bride To Be - Pamper Yourself!

12 AMAZING Bath Sets For The Bride To Be - Pamper Yourself!

Just before her big day, every bride-to-be deserves the pampering of a lifetime! Investing in a lovely bath set is a good way to go about it. The kind that not only smells like heaven, but also makes your skin glow like never before. Here are 12 bath sets that are totally worth it! (Take your pick, ladies)

1. Khadi Natural Bath Kit

1 bath sets for the bride Also Read 10 AWESOME Birthday Gifts For Bride-to-be I’ve personally used Khadi products and I love it! It’s not only affordable, but the quality too is excellent. This particular kit includes a sandalwood face pack, bath oil, a small towel, honey shampoo, rose water, a chandan haldi soap and a neem tulsi soap. It’s perfect for a bride who wants to pamper herself.   Price: Rs 576. Buy it here

2. Panache Pampering Bath Collections

2 bath sets for the bride Not only does the packaging look gorgeous, the beauty products included too look quite interesting! The basket includes a round loofah, shower gel, shower cap, wooden comb and a pumice stone and brush combo. Price: Rs 1,099. Buy it here

3. Body Herbals Skin Lightening Set

3 bath sets for the bride If you’re a huge fan of citrus beauty products, this bath set is perfect for you! In the kit, you’ll find an orange honey body polisher, orange peel and almond sugar scrub, lemongrass scrubs, loofahs, herbal soap and scented candles.   Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here

4. Soulflower Heart Bath Set with Jasmine

4 bath sets for the bride Don’t we girls just love the scent of jasmine?! Trust us, this heart-shaped bath set has it all! It contains jasmine soap, bath salts, a wooden neck massage roller, massage oil, aroma candles and potpourri. We’re lovin’ it! Price: Rs 1,120. Buy it here

5. Panache Luxury Bath & Body Set

5 bath sets for the bride Another heart shaped box we’ve got our eyes on is this Panache luxury bath set. It comes with sugar body scrub, an aroma candle, loofah, pumice stone, full body massager and a wooden brush. Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here

6. Forest Essentials Perfumed Bath Ritual Box

6 bath sets for the bride I’m a huge fan of Forest Essentials products as well! The fragrance is delicious and the scent is long-lasting. This particular bathing kit includes a body mist, shower oil, body lotion, perfume and body butter. It’s a product hamper totally worth investing in. Price: Rs 1,875. Buy it here

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7. Body Shop Strawberry Set

7 bath sets for the bride For the love of strawberries! This bathing set from Body Shop is perfect for the bride who loves this beloved berry. It’s got a body polish, soap, shower gel and a little red loofah. It doesn’t get more adorable than this, ladies. ;) Price: Rs 1,970. Buy it here

8. Soulflower Romantic Rose Wedding Hamper

8 bath sets for the bride Rose, as a beauty ingredient, has a charm of its own. It will not only make you feel fresh, but will also make you smell absolutely yummy! The rectangular box contains a rose fragrance oil, soap, massage oil, two tealight candles, wooden neck roller, rose bath salt and a floating artificial flower.   Price: Rs 1,600. Buy it here

9. Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Hamper

9 bath sets for the bride Another wonder beauty product from Body Shop is its argan oil hamper. The colours used for packaging are bright and vibrant. In the box, you’ll find a wild argan body scrub, body oil, soap, body butter and a tiny loofah. It’s like magic in a box! Price: Rs 2,175. Buy it here

10. L'Occitane Soft Skin Essentials Almond Discovery Set

10 bath sets for the bride This almond bathing set will not only nourish your skin, but will also leave it deliciously scented. It will make your skin feel smoother, more firm and hydrated for up to 48 hours. The cute travel pouch includes an almond shower gel, supple skin oil, body cream, hand scrub and a bar of almond soap. Price: Rs 2,339. Buy it here

11. Forest Essentials Bath Care Indulgence

11 bath sets for the bride If Nargis flowers have always fascinated you, this bathing set might interest you. The tiny pastel box includes a nourishing body butter, body mist, hand lotion and a luxury soap bar. Pamper yourself because you deserve every bit of it! Price: Rs 3,575. Buy it here

12. Japanese Cherry Blossom Bath & Body Works Combo Set

12 bath sets for the bride You don’t need to visit a spa in Japan if you have these babies by your side. This particular set comes with a cherry blossom fragrance mist, a shower gel, body lotion, body cream and a pretty white loofah. Now, you can always smell like a dream! Price: Rs 3,999. Buy it here Featured Image: Shutterstock A place where girls can talk about ANYTHING. (No guys allowed!) ? ? Get the POPxo app NOW on Play Store and iOS App Store.