If Your Mom’s Trying To Set You Up With Your Friend… Read THIS! | POPxo
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If Your Mom’s Trying To Set You Up With Your Friend… Read THIS!

If Your Mom’s Trying To Set You Up With Your Friend… Read THIS!

Sometimes, does it feel odd  when the person who cares the most about your love life is the woman who literally gave life to you? Your mother doubling as a wing woman does have a nice ring to it - but when she tries to make a match of you and your guy friends who really are just friends, you can’t help but cringe. Here are things that you’ll totally get if your mom keeps pairing you up with your guy besties.

1. "Et tu, ma?"

That feeling of wanting to disappear into thin air when your mother ends up asking your guy friend why he isn’t married yet.

2. "No! You CANNOT ask someone his salary, mom."

When your mother oh-so-casually asks your friend how much he earns to suss out his prospects, and you’re actually willing to pay him one month’s salary to get out of that place and the conversation right away. 2 when your mom pairs you up

3. "That signal you just gave me, mom - is evident to everyone!"

You know that smile and the eyebrow waggling that your mother does to talk to you in sign language, but she doesn’t realise that what she’s trying to signal to you is kind of obvious to everyone around. Also read: 9 Relationship Lessons Every Girl Learns From Her Mom!

4. “Don’t get too impressed if he got a promotion.”

In this case you try your level best to send a telepathic message to your friend to keep quiet and to stop proudly announcing his achievements in front of your mom, unless he wants to end up married to you. 4 when your mom pairs you up

5. "Why should I dress up for HIM mom?!"

When your mother tells you to go wear something nice just because your male best friend is coming over, and you just want to let her know point blank, that he isn’t the guy you’d want to dress up for. Also read: “Uff, Mummy!” 7 Kinds Of Fights EVERY Girl Has With Her Mom!

6. "I am your child - not him!"

This usually happens at that moment when your mother shows overwhelming love to your friend, like he was her long lost son. 6 when your mom pairs you up

7. "PLEASE don't show him those embarrassing childhood pictures of mine."

Your mother does not know that when she shows your guy friends your childhood pictures and narrates your embarrassing antics, she is handing them material to tease you with for the next couple of decades. Thanks, Ma! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Jul 20, 2016
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