What Does Your FAV Sex Position Say About You?! *Wink*

What Does Your FAV Sex Position Say About You?! *Wink*
There is a lot that happens in between the sheets and behind closed doors - everyone is up for some experimentation in bed. While some of us like to get down and dirty, some of us like to keep our love making intense and sober. But what you enjoy doing in bed reveals certain aspects about your personality. What does your go-to move in bed say about you? Read on to find out!

1. The missionary

Most people prefer this over anything else. If you are one who is rather inclined to and comfortable with this in bed then it shows that you are someone who is looking for a deeper connection, rather than just a platonic relationship. You are looking for intimacy and are a very passionate person. You love to be in love and you enjoy the simple things in life.

1 sex move

2. You on top of him

If this is your go-to move then it shows that you are a woman who likes to take control, both in the relationship and in the bedroom as well. You know exactly what you want and you’ve got it all figured out. You have a head-strong personality and could at times come off as an arrogant person to some. But the truth is, you just know what works best for you!

3. You sitting on his lap

This move quite frankly shows that you are a woman who loves comfort above anything else. You feel like sex shouldn’t have to feel like a task but rather the most enjoyable thing to do. And when you are comfortable doing something you enjoy, that’s just the icing on the cake.

3 sex move

4. Spooning

Everyone loves a good, warm and fuzzy cuddle - and everyone loves a proper spooning session. If you are the type who enjoys sex while spooning then it shows that you are someone who goes to the core of things. This position allows you to feel every move your partner makes and this shows that you are a very sensual person.

5. The mixer and the matcher

If you are someone who loves all of it together and doesn’t mind switching positions - it shows that you are a fun-loving person who takes life head-on. You are a strong character and nothing really unnerves you. This also shows that you are open to experimenting in bed and having a good time.

5 sex move

6. The nature’s way

Basically, if you like to do it “doggy style” (which is perhaps the most natural way of going about it), then you are someone who doesn’t stifle your natural instincts. You have a raw and powerful personality and that shines through in the bedroom. You enjoy mother nature and feel one with it.

7. The one who loves her toys

You’re the embodiment of all things kinky and you are the adventurous type. People know you for the rebel you are and somehow you just can’t seem to conform to what everyone thinks is “normal”. You like life to be risky because you feel like taking a risk always adds an edge to life.

7 sex move

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