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A bridal makeup kit for those quick touch-ups!

A bridal makeup kit for those quick touch-ups!
Everybody needs a good bridal makeup kit. But when you’re a beautifully dressed up bride on your big day, the requirements are a little different. This is why we bring to you the things that a bride should actually have in her bridal makeup kit. Read on to know how you can continue to look flawless, till the end of your wedding, just by carrying...

1. Powder And Puffs

A must, must, must-have in any bridal makeup kit is a good makeup powder and a puff to apply it with. There’s a good chance that your face might start to look shiny and oily after a while. And with all the flash photography going on, we’re sure that you want a good powder to absorb the shine so you look flawless in your photographs. A good makeup powder or compact will come in very handy here. Try to use the same one that your makeup artist used.
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2. Your Lipstick

2 bridal touch up kit The exact same shade that your makeup artist used - no compromises here! Your lipstick will probably wear off after eating, drinking, smiling and talking all through the function, so make sure you carry it along in your makeup kit! all through the function, so make sure you carry it along in your makeup kit!

3. Tissues, Blotting Paper And Makeup Remover Wipes

All endlessly handy items - whether you have to blot off that oily sheen from your face or clean something you spilled or pat a tear dry! Always carry tissues and blotting paper in your touch-up pouch because they are multipurpose items. Make sure you use soft, unscented tissues so that they don’t mingle with the perfume that you’re wearing. Also stock your bridal makeup kit with makeup remover wipes in case you have to clean up smudged makeup. POPxo Recommends: Epique Switzerland Oil free Cleansing and Makeup Remover Wipes

4. A Miniature Perfume

4 bridal touch up kit Indian weddings, especially during these summer and monsoon months, can get really hot and sweaty. After all, you’ll have to sit in front of a fire and stand up for a million pictures and smile your way through in a very heavy lehenga! So it’s a good idea to carry your perfume along and spray it on every couple of hours. It’s also a good idea to use a scent that you chose especially for your big day. However, it isn’t always possible to carry the full bottle with you, but if you buy your perfume in a gift set, it will come with a miniature bottle that you can easily carry around in your bridal makeup kit! POPxo Recommends: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Gift Set

5. A Blush Stick

A great option for the bride who wants to remain a blushing newlywed but doesn’t want to carry her whole makeup kit with her! A blush stick is easy to carry around in a bridal makeup kit and apply, and will leave your cheeks glowing. Make sure you match the colour of the blush with the colour of your lipstick
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6. An Eyeliner And Lash Glue

6 bridal touch up kit Even though eye makeup does not come off easily if it is applied correctly, it is a good idea to carry your eyeliner along if you tend to tear up easily. If you are going to wear fake lashes, don’t forget to pack your lash glue. After all, you don’t want your lashes falling off while you’re on the stage! And if you’re going au naturel, mascara, of course! The makeup kit for the bride must definitely include one!

7. A Compact Mirror!

Last but not the least, a mirror! Very important for when you want to do a quick touch up and there isn’t enough time to run to the nearest washroom with a mirror. We suggest that the bride always carry a small mirror in her bridal facial kit! Images: Shutterstock