What Turns *You* On? Zodiac Secrets… Revealed!

What Turns *You* On? Zodiac Secrets… Revealed!
A lot of what turns us on largely depends on our zodiac signs! Hard to believe, right? Well, not every person gets turned on by the same things but there are certain things which make us as individuals feel really sexy. Every zodiac sign has a prominent characteristic that outshines other characteristics and this defines what really turns us on.

1. Aries: Energy

Aries are full of energy and someone who can match up to their stamina in bed really turns them on. For an Aries woman, sex isn’t just about doing the basics, it’s about a whole lot more. Energy, loads of it, is what makes an Aries feel really hot and sexy.

1 makes us feel sexy

2. Taurus: Patience

A Taurus likes to take things slow before building an epic crescendo. Taurus women are patient and don't rush into anything just for the heck of it. If someone shows the same level of restraint and patience, it really arouses them. The longer the wait, the better the sex.

2 makes us feel sexy

3. Gemini: Intellect

Known mostly for how their brain works more than anything else, Geminis would always choose an intellectual conversation with someone rather than going to watch the newest movie. If you can hold a conversation with a Gemini, you know that you are one step closer to getting them really excited.

3 makes us feel sexy

4. Cancer: Faithfulness

Known to be one of the most romantic and cheesiest signs, being loyal turns a Cancerian on like nothing else does. This doesn’t mean that the other signs don’t care about loyalty, of course everyone does. That being said, a Cancerian feels most turned on by someone who goes out of their way to prove their loyalty to them.

4 makes us feel sexy

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5. Leo: Straightforwardness

A Leo is a no-nonsense, confident person, who will be really straightforward and expect the same from your side too. Leos feel sexually provoked when they find someone who can match their straightforward attitude towards life.

5 makes us feel sexy

6. Virgo: Perfection

Virgos seek perfection in everything - and that might not necessarily be a bad thing. Imagine how amazing “perfect” sex would be. The perfect setting, the perfect mood, the perfect music - all bottled up into the most amazing night ever. If you are ready to take on this challenge of giving a Virgo a platter of perfection, then you are sure to ignite flames of deep passion inside her.

6 makes us feel sexy

7. Libra: Charm

A Libran knows how to use her beautiful smile to spread her charm, she is always a pleasure to be around. But, she won’t just settle for anyone. Show that you can be charming like her or even more, and you know for sure that this is the way to turn her on.

7 makes us feel sexy

8. Scorpio: Mystery

A Scorpion likes to be the enigma that she already is. She likes to play it hot and cold and is always looking for someone who will hunt her down in this chase. She likes being this seductive puzzle and someone just like her always puts her in the right mood.

8 makes us feel sexy

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9. Sagittarius: Generosity

Any person who has ever known a Sagittarian most definitely knows how generous they are. Well, they are no different in bed. They love being generous and expect the same back. This is what really gets them going.

9 makes us feel sexy

10. Capricorn: Ambitiousness

A Capricorn likes to build castles in the sky and loves to have big dreams. Even in bed, they don’t mind being ambitious and love to try out many different things. Someone who is willing to do the same really, really turns a Capricorn on.

10 makes us feel sexy

11. Aquarius: Creativity

This one doesn’t really need any explanation, does it? Aquarians are incredibly creative in life and are involved in one or more forms of art. Creativity sparks and ignites many things in them - and another creative mind could arouse them to a great extent.

11 makes us feel sexy

12. Pisces: Sensitivity

Pisces are deep people. When a Pisces finds a mate who has a very sensitive and compassionate outlook towards things and people, she feel highly turned on!

12 makes us feel sexy

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