Wedding hair tips to make sure your hair looks just as glamorous as you! | POPxo
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Home > Wedding > Hair Care > Bridal Hairdo
Wedding hair tips to make sure your hair looks just as glamorous as you!

Wedding hair tips to make sure your hair looks just as glamorous as you!

Every bride wants beautiful hair on her wedding day. After all, the right hairstyle and silky locks can make you look ten times more beautiful. We bring you 8 wedding hair tips that will ensure you have gorgeous locks on your big day!

1. DO Have A Trial Run

Decide the way you want to do your hair up and try it out before the wedding. Will it be able to take the weight of your dupatta? Will it look nice with your whole outfit? Will it suit you? These are all concerns that should be taken into consideration and addressed before the big day! So do have a trial run to see which wedding hair tips work best before the wedding and figure out what hairstyle will suit you best!

2. DON’T Go To A Salon You Don't Trust

Your hair can make or break your entire look, so it goes without saying that you must treat it with the respect it deserves. As a bride, stick only to hair salons that you have tried before and trust completely. And on that note, make sure you listen to your hairdresser. Be open to suggestions, but if you don’t like something, speak up. Communication is key, not only in a marriage but even for a gorgeous hairstyle!  2 wedding hair tips

3. DO Take Photos Of What You Want To The Trial

If you have a particular hairstyle in mind, take a photo of it to the hairdresser! You can’t always explain in words the intricacies that go into a bridal hairstyle, and a picture always helps. This will make your hair stylist’s job so much easier, and save you a lot of headache. Also read: 9 Ways To Make Your Hair Grow Faster For The Wedding!

4. DON’T Opt For Synthetic Hair Extensions

A lot of brides go in for hair extensions on their big day. However, if you are wearing hair extensions, make sure that they are not made of plastic or acrylic. These extensions are bouncier and more voluminous than real hair, but they are evident as fake and also highly flammable. So you’d be better off wearing natural hair extensions. 
4 wedding hair tips

5. DO Get A Hair Treatment

Your hair is going to be subjected to a lot of primping and preening on your wedding day, and for all the functions leading up to it. To make sure that it stays healthy, nourished and shining amidst all the heat styling and tight braiding, get deep conditioning hair treatments done before the wedding. Your hair will thank you! 

6. DON’T Use A Lot Of Products On The Day Of The Wedding

On the day of the wedding, let your hair be dry and natural. Avoid using any products that are going to weigh it down, like oils and leave-in conditioners. Your hairdresser is bound to use products to style your hair and make it stay in place, so give her a clean slate to work with!  6 wedding hair tips

7. DO Avoid Washing Your Hair On The Day Of The Wedding

Wet hair is unpredictable and different for all of us. Some of us get frizzy, flyaway hair after washing and others have to deal with flat hair that can’t be styled. Either way, wash your hair a day before the big day so it’s clean without being unstyleable. 
Also read: 7 Surprising Foods That’ll Give You Shiny Hair For Your Wedding

8. DON’T Forget The Hair Accessories

There is so much you can do with your hair using hair accessories. A beautiful hair accessory can add so much sophistication and glam to your look! So don’t be shy about experimenting with hair accessories in the hair trial and don’t forget to use them on the day of the wedding!  8 wedding hair tips Images: Shutterstock
Published on Jul 20, 2016
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