How To Style A Mini Skirt If You Have Bigger Thighs? 6 Fab Tips! | POPxo

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How To Style A Mini Skirt If You Have Bigger Thighs? 6 Fab Tips!

How To Style A Mini Skirt If You Have Bigger Thighs? 6 Fab Tips!

Gone are the days we’d look with envy as other girls walked by in the miniest of mini skirts. Let’s admit it, with our Indian genes, it’s pretty hard to have model-like thighs. Many of us suffer from body image issues, and we tend to try and hide our legs under big skirts and maxis, focusing on coverage rather than fit. No more! Here are 6 tips to wear mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs.

1. Pick the right length

1 mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs Contrary to popular belief, mini skirts come in many lengths. There are the really short ones and then the mid-thigh ones. If you feel uncomfortable going too short, a mid-thigh mini skirt will not only give you confidence but also hide any possible cellulite on your upper thighs - in case that's something you're worried about. Our thighs tend to get narrower towards the knees, so pick one that ends just an inch above your knees. And remember, shorter skirts make petite girls look taller! POPxo Recommends: Camel Flared Skirt (Rs. 965)

2. Create an illusion

2 mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs There are many ways to make your legs appear slimmer in short skirts. A-line skirts, for example, give the illusion of slimmer thighs. The volume of the skirt balances how thick your thighs look with the rest of your body. Ideally, pick a skirt in a darker shade and wear a brighter top so that attention is drawn towards your torso, away from your thighs.
POPxo Recommends: Brinks Skirt (Rs. 1,249)

3. Show off, but judiciously!

3 mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs If wearing mini skirts really makes you conscious, you could try maxi tops with side slits. They cover you from top to bottom and show off just a slight bit of side thigh. Moreover, side slit maxis are totally in trend this season. Also remember, when you’re wearing mini skirts, you’re already showing off a lot of leg, so if it has a deep slit, it might draw further attention towards the size of your thighs. POPxo Recommends: Maxi Top (Rs. 850)

4. The long and short of it

4 mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs Asymmetrical hemlines are a great way to confuse people into thinking you’ve got slim, long pins. What such skirts do is cut your legs at such an angle that only a part of your thighs is visible, thus giving the illusion of slimmer legs. POPxo Recommends: Layered Skirt (Rs. 1,095)

5. Add height

5 mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs The easiest way to make your legs appear slimmer and longer is to wear pointy-toed heels. Better yet, pick heels in a nude shade. They act like an extension to your legs, making your legs appear longer, and therefore, slimmer.
POPxo recommends: Nude Pumps (Rs. 1,589)

6. Stockings are a godsend

6 mini skirts for girls with bigger thighs Stockings are usually only worn during winter. However, they are great at making your legs look slimmer under the shortest of skirts and dresses. A black pair of stockings will have a slimming effect and you can get them in summer-appropriate fabrics too! POPxo recommends: Deneer Sheer Stockings (Rs. 699) So go ahead, revamp your wardrobe and incorporate some more shorter skirts in it. You can simply create magic with these new-found tricks. ;-)
Published on Jul 10, 2016
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